4 Important Tips For Betting On Golf Props

The traditional way of betting on golf has been dominated by picking outright winners. However, as is the case with other sports, more and more sports betting fans have decided to wager on prop bets in golf over the past couple of years. With so many different types of wagers available it can be hard to narrow down your options. That said, prop bets could very well be the best way to take advantage of your golf knowledge and capitalize with winning wagers. Here is a look at four important tips for betting props for golf events.

Narrowing The Approach

There are countless factors that go in to whether or not a golfer will win a specific tournament. With so many factors in play, the odds of accurately predicting the outcome decrease. This is why prop bets can make it easier to bet on the sport. By narrowing the approach to betting on tournaments you can focus on specific outcomes that you are much more likely to accurately predict. For example, will Jordan Spieth record three eagles or more at a specific event? Will Rory McIlroy record six birdies or more in his next start? By narrowing your approach, you eliminate so many unknown factors and improve your odds of winning your bet.

Take Bad With The Good

One of the most interesting aspects of prop bets for golf events is the idea of wagering on golfers to struggle rather than succeed. Unlike picking outright winners, which would require the pick to succeed at any given tournament, certain prop bets allow you to bet on golfers to struggle. For example, one prop bet available for The Masters in 2018 is that Jordan Spieth would make a 7 or worse on No. 12 at Augusta. Anybody who bets that this will happen is predicting that Spieth will struggle on the 12th hole and shoot a 7 or worse on this hole in one of the four rounds. When it comes to golf props, it’s important to take the bad with the good and capitalize on situations where the information indicates a golfer is more likely to struggle in a certain situation.

Multi-Sport Props

For bigger events, sportsbooks will offer prop bets that require multiple outcomes in multiple sports. For example, this year you can bet on whether Jason Day will win The Masters AND the Cleveland Cavaliers will win an NBA Championship at +6400 odds. While these types of prop bets can be a lot of fun they are also much harder to predict. Therefore, while you might have fun betting on these props that cover multiple sports you need to maintain a balance between entertainment and doing what it takes to win money. With so many prop bets available for golf, it makes sense to stick with the ones that focus on the individual sport rather than the larger prop bets that cover multiple sports at the same time.

Shop Around For Best Odds

Different sites will offer different odds for each prop bet so it’s important to shop around for the best value. While one site might list Tiger Woods at +700 to finish in the top-25 at an event, another site might have him listed at +850 odds. It’s important to shop around in order to get him at +850 odds in order to maximize your payout. Failing to shop around alone could cap your potential for making money. Make sure you take the necessary time to shop for the best lines and figure out the best way to maximize your profits when betting prop bets.

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