Common Mistakes Betting Golf

When it comes to betting on golf, people tend to care too much about trying to pick an outright winner of a tournament. While there’s a certain level of glory and bragging rights associated with being able to pick the winner, it’s not an easy thing to do nor is it very practical in terms of turning over profits. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the common mistakes that people usually make when betting on golf – you should avoid these common mistakes at all costs.

Limited Knowledge Of Golf

One commandment of betting on sports is to know the sport that you’re betting on. The same applies to golf. This include all of the top players, rising talent, and staying up to date with the major courses along with any course changes. If you have no idea as to how scoring works in golf, you shouldn’t waste your time trying to bet on golf. Although it’s fun to bet on golf just for the sake of entertainment, you’ll soon find yourself losing quite a bit of money.

Only Betting On Tournament Winners

With such a vast field of players competing in any one tournament, it’s often very difficult to predict the straight up winner of a tournament. While receiving +700 odds on Jordan Spieth to win The Masters, the fact of the matter is that there are a handful of elite golfers who are just as capable of winning the tournament as Spieth – hence the +700 odds. By only betting on tournament winners, and especially if you’re the type of person to go all-in on this type of bet, you’ll be surely regretting your decision after some time.

Failing To Diversify Your Bets

As stated above, betting on a tournament winner is the prime example of putting all your eggs into one basket. If your pick finishes first, great. If the finish is anything other than first, you lose. This doesn’t seem like too ideal. In fact, what you should be doing is trying to hunt down wagers with value, such as betting on a player to finish in the top five or top 10. This way, you aren’t limiting yourself to a specific finish – you’re diversifying and opening up your chances of winning, albeit taking a lesser payout. When it comes to betting on golf tournaments, it makes the most sense to bet on multiple events while lowering the amount of each wager.

Only Betting On Favorites

With everything that we’ve discussed, it’s evident that you shouldn’t only be betting on favorites. Since the tournament field will often be quite large, it’s vital to be able to hunt for value picks. This means being able to identify the current form of players, how players have fared at specific tournaments in the past, how players have fared when playing in specific courses in the past, how players have fared at different stages of the season, and how they’ve measured up against certain competition. Star players won’t necessarily do well in any one tournament, and it’s important to identify less-well-known players who might break out.

Career And Season Data

While career and season data will be able provide the sports bettor with an idea of how good a player is, it’s important to not get too caught up in these statistics. A lot depends on the stage of the season and how a certain golfer has been playing lately. Rather than focusing a lot on career or season data, it might make more sense to complement this with a player’s more recent performance.

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