Different Types Of Golf Betting Options

As one of the most popular sports in the world, golf tournaments range from The Masters, U.S. Open, Open Championship, PGA Championship, British Open, and the Champions Tour. Although most people assume that the only way to bet on a golf tournament is for the outright winner, there are multiple other betting options as well. Here are some different types of golf bets.

Outright Betting

Outright golf betting basically means picking the player who will win the tournament. Although picking a player to win outright may be extremely tough due to the amount of competitors, this betting option may also provide a high potential payout if the selected player ends up placing first. Typically, the lowest odds for an individual player to win outright are 10:1. As a result, if a bettor has two or three players in mind that he believes could possibly win it all, it might be a good strategy to spread the size of the intended bet on the two or three players in mind rather than betting the entire amount only on one player.

Odds To Finish In The Top 3, Top 5, And Top 10

Instead of betting on a player to win outright, a bettor could also choose to bet on a player to finish in the Top 3, Top 5, or Top 10, although the potential payout will decrease since the chances of finishing in the Top 10 is much higher compared to winning outright or even finishing in the Top 3. However, this betting option might save someone the heartbreak if the selected player finishes second instead of first place.

Matchup Betting

In golf, matchup betting includes pitting two players head-to-head and picking the player that one believes will finish higher than the other player. With this type of bet, the selected player does not have to win the tournament – he must simply finish at a higher position than his opponent. Although the potential payouts for matchup bets will not be nearly as high as picking a player to win outright, this type of bet is much easier to decide on a player to win.

Prop Betting

Golf prop betting provides a variety of more fun and interesting betting options, such as what colour shirt a certain player will wear or whether a hole-in-one will happen during the tournament. Although these betting options do not relate to the actual game or the skills of the players, other prop betting options allow the bettor to take into account a player’s skills. For example, a prop bet may ask if a player will score more than one eagles during the tournament. Prop bets vary a lot due to the abundance of options but could provide a lot of fun and profits if done correctly.

Futures Betting

In golf futures betting, this typically entails betting on the winner of the FedEx Cup, which is the championship trophy awarded to the top ranked player at the end of the PGA Tour. FedEx Cup rankings are based on the number of points that a player earns from finishes in major events and additional points for winning an event. Since selecting a player to win the FedEx Cup before the season begins is extremely tough, the potential payouts reflect the degree of difficulty in predicting this. Additionally, futures bets may also include the winner of a specific event, such as the U.S. Open or The Masters.

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