Golf Betting: Factors To Consider When Betting On Outright Winners

The summer months are around the corner and that means fewer sporting events to bet on than in the winter months. However, the golf season is in full swing and that means you will have the heart of the PGA Tour season to bet on. We took the time to break down the most important elements you will want to consider before picking an outright winner in a PGA Tour tournament. Here is a look at the key factors to consider when you’re doing some golf betting and handicapping the outright winners in golf.

Current Form

One of the most obvious factors when evaluating potential outright winners for a golf tournament is current form. While a golfer might have proved his talent over the course of multiple years, it won’t mean much if he isn’t on top of his game heading in to a specific tournament. The key is to be able to make an informed decision based on his recent performances and overall form. If a golfer has been in the mix but struggled with bad luck then maybe he is overdue for a strong performance. At the same time, a golfer that has won a couple of events in a row might be overdue for a letdown. The numbers will help you evaluate each golfer’s current form. However, evaluating current form requires you to be somewhat subjective in determining how each number should be weighted in order to predict what will happen next.

Tournament Experience

While current form is extremely important, it might not be nearly as relevant of a factor if a golfer tends to struggle mightily at an important tournament. For example, if a golfer is coming off a big win but has never made the cut at the next tournament he plays then the odds are against him suddenly figuring things out and putting together another victory. Golfers tend to perform well at courses that suit their skill set, especially when they have experience there. At the same time, there are certain courses that don’t work well in terms of a golfer’s skill set so that should be taken in to account as well. Current form is extremely important. Tournament experience should factor in to the equation as well.

Course Conditions

The course conditions could also have a major impact on the outcome of a tournament. If it is sunny with no wind and no real issues then the course conditions aren’t nearly as relevant when it comes to picking winners. However, if it is raining and windy then the conditions could wreak havoc on the potential outcomes of that specific tournament.

Betting Odds

One final element to consider is the value of the sports betting odds for each golfer. If a favorite is listed at terrible odds, then you might not want to bother betting on them to win the event since the value isn’t there. At the same time, if there is a decent underdog that is getting excellent value then you might want to bet on them to win the tournament outright. It’s also important to shop around and make sure you find the best odds for each golfer that you want to bet on. The golf betting odds can vary depending on the sportsbooks so make sure you shop around before you place your golf wager.

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