How Live Golf Betting Works And How To Win Money With It

Need a caddie for live golf betting? We'll show you the ropes.

If you are a golf enthusiast and you have thought about betting on the sport from time to time, there is something you should know. There has never been a better time to start betting on golf. With rising stars like Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas and Rory McIlroy are stepping up to challenge the best in the world like Dustin Johnson and Brooks Koepka, as well as legends like Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, there has never been a stronger cast of talented players performing at a high level at the same time. While a number of golf enthusiasts still bet on the tournament outcomes before they begin, more and more fans are getting in to the live betting aspect of the sport with a fun, entertaining and strategically sound approach to making some serious profits. Here is a closer look at how live golf betting works and why now is the perfect time to try it out.

Looking For Value With Tournament Winners

The simplest way to live bet on golf tournaments is to pick a winner once the event is already underway. Whether it’s an underdog playing better than expected, a favorite struggling early on but doing just enough to stay in the mix or a golfer that you had your eye on before the tournament but shied away from betting, there are plenty of different reasons why you should live bet picking winners.

For example, imagine a situation where you think Dustin Johnson is the best bet to win a tournament. However, he isn’t getting great value at +300 odds to win outright so you don’t bet on him before the event gets underway. Then, D.J. struggles in the opening round of that tournament while a couple of other underdogs perform at a high level and look like they can contend.

At that point, the sportsbooks might have adjusted the odds to reflect the strong starts of the golfers you don’t believe in while also adjusting D.J.’s odds to reflect his opening round struggles. You could see something where Johnson goes from +300 odds to +500 odds, which is much closer to the value that you think makes it worth betting on him.

Since it’s only one bad round and he is still very much in the mix, you can now bet on D.J. to win the event outright at +500 odds. This is the perfect example of when it makes sense to live bet on golf in order to maximize the potential value that only came to be after the first round of the tournament was complete.

Two-Ball, Three-Ball Props

While it isn’t as simple as picking outright winners, there is also value when it comes to two/three ball live betting. Before a round begins, there may be two or three golfers teeing off together. With this option, you can bet on the golfer that you think will produce the best score within that group or if they will match the same score during that round.

For example, let’s say that D.J. is paired with Mickelson for the second round at a specific event. Johnson would be the favorite to win that matchup in that round at -200 odds. Mickelson would be a +220 underdog. Based on what you saw from the two golfers in the first round, is D.J. a lock to win the second round? Or has Phil performed well enough that you would consider betting on him to win the round at excellent value? Live betting on two/three balls is another excellent alternative way to get in to the action.

The Key To Betting On Individual Holes

Another fun and entertaining option for live betting on golf is placing wagers on the individual holes. If two golfers are competing together in a match or stroke play event, sportsbooks will typically offer live betting lines on which golfer they think will win a specific hole. Depending on the sportsbook, they could have different lines for different holes once the tournament begins.

For example, is Dustin Johnson is an underdog for a hole that he has dominated at a course over the past decade against a slumping Jordan Spieth? Is Phil coming on strong at exactly the right time to be matched up as an underdog versus Koepka on a specific hole?

Ideally, what you look at is what type of hole is it. If it’s a par three, that may emphasize iron-play more so than driving and distance. Then you want to cross-reference that with who is on the board (the golfing options to bet on).

Another way to handicap this is to look at how the players have performed on that hole earlier in the tournament. For example, let’s say Dustin Johnson has birdied the 16th hole in the first, second and third rounds, then you know this is a hole he’s done well with and he might be a good bet in the final round.

If you do your homework, you can find some opportunities.

Betting On The Score Results

In addition to betting on the golfer matchups for individual holes, you can also bet on the score results of those holes. For example, if you are following McIlroy very closely throughout a round of golf, you could bet on how you think he will score on the seventh, eighth or ninth holes. Is McIlroy heating up at just the right time to bet him to record a birdie or better on a specific hole? Or is he struggling enough to justify betting on him to score a bogey or worse?

The best sportsbooks in the world usually do a pretty good job of tracking past performance on specific holes, current form, weather and other elements in to the odds they post for live betting on specific scores for holes. However, there tends to be plenty of opportunities per tournament in which you might find good value. All you need to do is pay close enough attention and keep an eye on the updated live betting odds throughout the event.

Live Betting On Golf

Some people feel golf is too slow a sport to bet but those people haven’t tried live betting it. If you’re following the tournament, keeping your finger on the pulse of who is playing well and who is struggling, and have a keen understanding of the lines. There’s money to be made.

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