How To Bet Head-To-Head Matchups In Golf

There has been an increase in popularity when it comes to betting on golf over the years. While picking outright winners remains the most obvious option, there are many more options available that have helped make golf more popular from a betting perspective. One time of wager that has steadily become more popular is betting head-to-head matchups, which pits one golfer against another with the winner delivering the better result in a given tournament. Here is a look at how to bet head-to-head matchups in golf.

The Concept

The basic concept behind betting head-to-head matchups in golf is that you are expected to pick one golfer to produce a better score than another golfer in a given tournament. For example, Jordan Spieth and Rory McIlroy will both compete in The Masters this year. Rather than picking either one of them to win the event outright, you could bet on one of Spieth or McIlroy to finis ahead of the other. While some sites will allow you to pick the actual matchups, the majority of sportsbooks simply create the matchups based on talent, experience and betting price and it’s on the fans to pick the winners.

Navigating Tiers

The matchups created for head-to-head betting at each event will vary based on tiers with the top golfers in each tournament usually matched up head-to-head. While it might be the most fun to bet on the headliners, the best value can usually be found lower on the list with options that usually don’t get as much attention. By navigating through the tiers you can find the best options on the board for betting head-to-head matchups.

Finding Value

It’s a lot more difficult to find an underdog capable of winning an entire tournament than it is to find an underdog capable of winning a specific matchup. That means you could still find quality value betting on head-to-head matchups without having to bet on those underdogs to win an entire tournament. While it might not be as popular as picking outright winners just yet, the advantages to betting head-to-head matchups has resulted in more and more people opting to take that route to betting on golf events rather than picking outright winners each week.

Understanding What It Takes To Win

Simply put, there are some golfers that are much better positioned to win certain tournaments than others. If you understand what it takes to win an event, you can narrow your options in order to find the golfer that has the most likely chance to succeed at that tournament. At the same time, some golfers will struggle at certain events where their weaknesses could be exposed. By identifying one golfer that projects to excel and one golfer that projects to struggle, you could easily identify a quality head-to-head sports betting matchup at any given event.

The Safe Option

One of the most popular approaches to betting head-to-head matchups is to simply pick a golfer that you think will win the event outright and take them to win their head-to-head matchup. After all, if you think they will win then you are essentially believing they will win any head-to-head matchup the will compete in. However, rather than betting on them to beat everybody in the field you can simply bet on them to finish ahead of a specific golfer of your choice. This approach helps you increase your odds of winning a wager that you already feel confident in without requiring you to bet on the golfer to win the entire tournament.

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