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Our goal at WagerStreet is to the quality of sports betting across the board. That might mean taking fans who have never placed bets and showing them the ropes, and it might mean enlightening season bettors with a series of articles on how to get an advanced edge on a sportsbook. Our team is comprised of industry experts who have done this for a living. Whether it’s working directly at sportsbooks or being professional bettors, the team has over a century’s worth of experience in sports betting.

Sportsbook Reviews

We’ll also be looking to guide sports bettors in the right direction in terms of places to play. It’s a bit of a confusing landscape these days as sports betting is legal in some places, in the process of being legalized elsewhere and grey in other areas. There are quality legal sportsbooks that operate in the state of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and other American states that have legalized online sportsbooks. And there are also lots of good offshore books or sportsbooks in the United Kingdom.

We’ll review all sportsbooks and give bettors our professional opinion as to where is the best place to play based on where you are located. We create multiple accounts at every sportsbook we review, go through the banking process (deposits and withdrawals), and then test them out in terms of betting online and betting on sports via their mobile apps. If we find any red flags, we report those. The key is to avoid the shady shops and play at the books that give the customer the best experience, the best lines and the best opportunities to win.

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