3 Great Sites For Baseball Analytics

With relevant statistics dating back to 1901 along with both traditional and modern statistics, baseball is definitely the most analyzed sport in terms of the sheer abundance of data collection. However, the insane amount of available statistics could produce major headaches for individuals trying to analyze them. With a variety of different acronyms for various statistics, it’s one thing to understand what these statistics mean but another thing to understand how these statistics are calculated and how they apply specifically to betting on baseball. To gain a better understanding of statistics and baseball analytics in general, here are three excellent websites that you should take advantage of.

1. Baseball Savant

Baseball Savant provides users with a better understanding of the type of success that hitters and pitchers will have in any given matchup by comparing and contrasting a pitcher’s successes with opposing hitter’s failures and vice-versa. By making use of StatCast, a high-speed, high-accuracy, automated tool developed to analyze player movements and athletics abilities, bettors are able to gain information and knowledge on aspects of the game that once had no ways of being measured. StatCast is able to provide valuable information on things such as how hard a ball is hit, what angle a ball is hit, how fast players are running on the base paths and on the field, how efficient the routes are of outfielders to tracking down a flyball, and the exit velocity of home runs. Although playing a majority of games in Kauffman Stadium (home of the Kansas City Royals) could depress one’s number of home runs hit, Baseball Savant is able to provide information on how often a player is hitting balls in such a way that they could be home runs in other ballparks. Many successful bettors have been using Baseball Savant to gain additional advantages in the sports betting market – you should too.

2. Brooks Baseball

When it comes to analyzing pitchers, Brooks Baseball is second-to-none. Brooks Baseball provides an accurate portrait of everything you need to know about a pitcher by making use of PITCHFX data. By clicking on a specific pitcher, you will receive a general write-up about the pitcher as well, a basic description of the types of pitches in his arsenal, as well as the types of pitches that he relies upon the most. What’s neat about Brooks Baseball is that it tracks every single pitch that a pitcher has thrown and provides information on the velocity, horizontal movement, vertical movement, and release point. Since starting pitchers are one of the most important aspects, if not the most important aspect, when it comes to analyzing games, you’d be wise to use Brooks Baseball to gain a clearer understanding of different pitchers.

3. Fangraphs

Fangraphs provide the most relevant and cutting-edge information through articles with emphasis on developing stories coupled with a laser-like analytical approach. Fangraphs consists of a top-notch database, with the season of each player analyzed in many different ways while providing an examination of every element of the game. Some of these include things such as how a certain player fares against right-handed pitching, how he performs during day games compared to night games, and how he’s played over the past year, month, or week. Additionally, Fangraphs also allow the user to understand what different baseball statistics mean and the general evolution of how numbers are used in the game. By reading more and more of the articles available on Fangraphs, you will increase your knowledge and understanding of the game, which will in turn lead you to more astute betting decisions as well.

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