5 Key Baseball Betting Tips To Remember

The 2017 MLB season has arrived and that means plenty of opportunities to cash in on early season lines. The early months of the year represent one of the best times to beat the sportsbooks. While it can be intimidating to bet on baseball if you aren’t an avid fan, there are a handful of key strategies that can really help you boost your bottom line. Here is a look at five key baseball betting tips to remember.

Pace Yourself

Every single MLB team will play 182 games. That means among other things that there will be plenty of opportunities to build up your profits betting on baseball throughout the year. With a full slate of games almost every single day beginning in April, it can be tempting to get carried away and bet on every game you think you have an edge with. However, one of the biggest mistakes that bettors make is betting too heavily too early on and blowing their bankroll. The early season slate represents perhaps the best time to make profits betting on underdogs. However, just make sure that you pace yourself and don’t overdue it.

Pay Attention To The Moneyline

Unlike with the NFL and NBA, the focus in baseball is on the moneyline. This allows you to find favorable situations betting on underdogs at a decent price while also sprinkling in some favorites without having to break the bank or need them to cover a spread. If you have a good idea of what will happen in the game then you can bet on the outcome without having to worry about the team you pick covering a spread or forcing you to risk too much.

Consider The Streaks

Baseball is one of the sports where it is important to pay close attention to the streaks. If a team is hot, then their players will be motivated and have the psychological advantage of appearing as though they have momentum on their side. The opposite could apply to teams that have lost multiple games in a row since they could try to do too much an effort to end their slide. It’s important to be aware of streaks on both sides of the ball and factor them in to your decision making process when betting on baseball.

Bullpen Matters

Now more than ever teams rely on their bullpens to have a greater impact on the outcome of games. It’s important to pay attention to the bullpens and understand the impact a successful group can have on the outcome of games. While it’s obvious that a team with better bullpens has a better opportunity to close out wins, it’s easy to overlook the psychological advantage that can give a team over its opponent. If a team is worried about trying to get ahead before they have to face a potentially lethal bullpen, then it could lead to them making uncharacteristic mistakes and getting away from what has worked for them in the past.

Fade The Public Teams

One final tip to remember is the benefit of fading public teams. A lot of fans bet with their hearts rather than their heads and that could lead to them making stupid mistakes. Their bias can also lead to lines looking a lot different than they should, especially when it comes to favorites being listed at lower odds than they should be since the sportsbooks know they will be wagered on a little more based on the inherent bias of their fans. Pay close attention to the betting lines and potentially unfavorable lines that the more popular teams get. By being aware of the bias that exits, you could avoid risking more than you should betting on popular teams. You might even benefit from fading those public teams over the course of the season.

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