5 Often Overlooked MLB Betting Tips

The 2017 MLB season is in full swing and that means that baseball will soon have the spotlight almost all to itself in the dog days of summer. While some sports betting fans will take some time off until the NFL season gets underway, the majority of baseball fans will be looking to get in to the action. Here is a look at five forgotten MLB betting tips you might want to remember if you are doing some sports betting on baseball this season.

Pace Yourself

One of the biggest mistakes that baseball bettors make is placing too many wagers in too small of a time span early on. The smart approach is to slow down and pick your spots. With so many games going on every single night it’s easy to get sucked in and want to bet on every game you think you have an edge with. However, by slowing down and picking your spots you can become a much more efficient bettor and slowly build up your bankroll.

Bet Moneyline & Run Line

The main focus of any MLB bettor should be on the money line and the run line. This will allow you to limit losses specifically to outcomes. By doing the necessary research on both teams you can narrow your selections by determining outcomes and watching for profitable situations. If you have a strong grasp on the individual teams then you could really gain a significant edge finding value on both the moneyline and the run line betting on baseball throughout the season.

Watch For Streaks

Baseball is among the sports where streaks are absolutely critical. Players are motivated and have a psychological advantage when they are on a win streak. This is why you need to take streaks in to account in baseball. A quality team is capable of stringing together four or five wins in a row at any point in the season. By keeping a close eye on team performance you can figure out when the best time is to expect a streak and take advantage of it from a sports betting perspective.

Follow Bullpens

It’s important to remember that strong bullpens win games. In terms of the overall numbers, the teams with the strong bullpens are more likely to be the favorites. Streaks, home field advantage and overall stats will all come in to play when evaluating two teams but you want to remember the importance of the two bullpens in determining the outcome of a given matchup.

Fade Public Teams

It’s very important in almost every sport to fade public teams. The sportsbooks understand the perceived bias towards these clubs and they adjust the odds accordingly in order to limit their potential losses and increase their potential winnings. The defending World Series champion Chicago Cubs are the perfect example of a talented team that will get a lot of public money this year. The sportsbooks are aware of this and will shade their odds so that they are capping their potential losses when the Cubs do win and maximize their potential winnings when Chicago loses.

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