3 Underrated MLB Betting Systems

With the 2019 MLB season well underway the sports betting enthusiasts are looking for any way possible to stay ahead of the competition. Baseball fans are always looking for an edge against the sportsbook. While there are plenty of MLB betting systems available online there are some that you might not have heard of that you will want to consider using to your advantage. Here is a look at three underrated MLB betting systems you should know about.

Win One At Home

This system is very simple and easy to understand. The majority of baseball teams tend to perform better at home than they do on the road. Even some of the worst teams in baseball tend to produce a decent home record. For example, the San Diego Padres produced just 68 wins a year ago but they posted a 39-42 home record. Meanwhile, the Cincinnati Reds recorded 68 wins in 2016 but finished with a 38-43 mark at home. The worst home record in the majors belonged to the Minnesota Twins, who posted a 30-51 mark at home. Even the Twins won 37% of their home games, which translates to just over one in every three. The win at home strategy requires scouting teams to expect at least one in in every home series. Therefore, if the Texas Rangers were to play a three-game series at home against the Seattle Mariners, you would bet on them to win at least one game. There are a couple of approaches you can take. First of all, you can wait for a team that loses the opener of its home set and then bet on them to win the next game. If they lost again, you can double down on them to win the third game and avoid the sweep at home. The second approach is to bet on them from the opening game and then double down until they pull out the win. Of course, in the most rare of situations they will be swept at home. However, considering the home records teams have posted there is a good chance they will win at least one game at home. If they are swept, you can always carry over the streak in to their next home series with the theory that they will eventually win one at home.

The Road Favorite Split

If a team has lost back-to-back games as a road favorite, there is a good chance they will break through with a win if they are favored in the next game. For example, if the Chicago Cubs are visiting the Cincinnati Reds and they drop the first two of a three-game set, there is a good chance they will bounce back and avoid the sweep. This system is harder to execute than the previous one because there are fewer instances where a road team loses twice in a row as the favorite and then enters the third game as a favorite as well. However, there are situations where it happens so it makes sense to track them and capitalize with the road favorites split.

The Totals Chase

Another underrated betting strategy is to chase a totals mark after a long streak. For example, if the OVER hits in five straight games for the Toronto Blue Jays, you can begin chasing the UNDER for their next few games. Ideally, you want to find a streak of at least five games before you start hitting the opposite total. Of course, you could definitely alter the strategy after two or three games if you think one of those totals is more likely to hit following a streak. Just make sure that you don’t start betting too early on a totals chase.

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