Essential Baseball Betting Tips

The Major League Baseball season always stands out from a popularity standpoint in big part thanks to the fact that the other three major sports are in offseason mode over the summer. Baseball dominates the summer sports betting headlines on an annual basis so there is a good chance you have considered getting in on the action. Here is a look at the essential baseball betting tips to remember.

Avoid The Heavy Favorites

One of the biggest mistakes that relatively newer baseball betting fans make is that they bet heavy on the favorite teams. While it might seem like a good idea to bank on the favorites, the reality is that it’s hard to make a significant profit with that approach. A good number of public bettors will bet heavily on the favorite and that drives the value of those wagers down since you have to risk a significant amount of money in order to make the wager. Consider betting on four favorites at -150 odds. You would need to win three of those wagers just to make a profit of $150 and if you go 2-2 then you will end up with a net of -$100. However, if you picked four underdogs at +150 and went 3-1 then you would end up with a net profit of $350 compared to $150. Meanwhile, if you posted a 2-2 record on the underdog picks then you would still end up with a profit of +$100.

Consider Key Injuries

As is the case with every sport, you definitely want to take injuries in to consideration when deciding which teams you want to bet on. Injuries can have a major impact on the outcome of games, especially if a starting pitcher is involved. Position player injuries might not be as relevant as pitcher injuries except in the case where a potential MVP-caliber player like Josh Donaldson or Mike Trout doesn’t play for their respective team.

Don’t Overestimate Lesser Injuries

While you would never want to overlook a key injury to a player like Donaldson or Trout you also don’t want to overestimate the impact that an injury to a lesser player will have on a matchup. Major League Baseball rosters are constructed with the best players in the world and there is a good chance that if an eight or nine hitter in a lineup goes down there will be a capable replacement standing by to take his spot. Injuries can play a big role in the outcome of games but don’t overestimate the lesser injuries that aren’t nearly as relevant.

Do The Necessary Research

It’s important to remember that the more you research the matchups the better chance you will have to win your wager. There are plenty of different important factors that go in to the outcome of games so you want to find as much relevant information as possible and factor it in to your choices.

Analyze The Odds

One of the most important aspects of successful sports betting is analyzing the odds. The game odds dictate the value of every wager you make whether you are betting on the money line, the total or the spreads. The most common mistake made by beginner bettors is betting on baseball games without first considering the odds.

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