Keys To Betting Regular Season MLB Series

While the most popular MLB bets are the moneyline, over/under game totals, and the run line, if you want to add a bit of excitement and uniqueness to your betting options, you might perhaps want to consider betting on regular season MLB series wagers. This type of bet refers to which team will win a best-of-# series. For example, if the Washington Nationals are playing the Chicago Cubs in a best-of-three series, you’d essentially be picking the team that you think will win two out of the three games. In this article, we’ll take a look at the keys to betting regular season MLB series.

Avoid Always Betting On Good Teams When Playing Against Bad Teams

This comes down to the same reason why you wouldn’t want to only bet on elite teams on a regular basis – you’ll probably get killed by the juice and would need to maintain an extraordinarily high winning percentage just to make a bit of a profit. Betting on a team that’s considered elite, or that’s considered good when matched up against a bad team, will require you to pay heavy juice since this will most likely be the public perception as well. You must keep in mind that the worst teams in the MLB usually win close to 40% of their games. As a result, there’ll be some series where the worst teams in the league will be able to win the series against a good or elite team. If you’re able to identify these potential upsets, you’ll be in good shape.

Risk Of The Unknown

Since a series will last for at least two games, up to four games, it’s important to keep in mind that not all of the key players on a team will be expected to suit up for all of the games in a series. With the grind of the 162-game MLB regular season, star players are bound to have a night off here and there. As a result, don’t expect the team that you’re betting on for the series to go all out and try to win each game in the series. Try to maintain a healthy dose of skepticism or pessimism and you won’t be surprised when the best three players on a team don’t end up playing in one game – you’ll have already accounted for this.

Taking Advantage Of Prices, Lines, And Odds

If the price is good on the team that you believe will win the series, then by all means go ahead and place your money on them. Sometimes, betting on a team to win the series will actually provide you with better value than betting on each game separately. Here’s an example to illustrate this point. If you have a team’s ace as the starting pitcher for game one in the series, chances are you’ll be required to lay down a hefty amount of juice if you’d like to take this team. However, when you begin to consider that the team will also likely win the series, it’ll be worth looking at the series price for this team to win. Some additional things to look for include teams who will be sending out their top three starters against an opposing team who just saw their three best starters pitch in the previous series, teams with poor records who are playing well as of late and going up against a team with a winning record that is in a slump, and teams who are coming off a long road trip but have a strong record at home.

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