MLB Betting: Things To Know When Betting World Series

The World Series is arguably the most exciting time in the entire MLB season and where legacies are cemented and moments become unforgettable. It’s also a great event to potentially make some money betting on the series or individual games. In the MLB postseason, anything can happen, and the same applies to the World Series. One swing of the bat or one wrong pitch could mean the difference between winning a ring and falling just short. In this article, we’ll take a look at some things to know when betting on the World Series.

Designated Hitter Rule

For World Series games played in an American League ballpark, the designated hitter will bat in place of the pitcher. On the other hand, for games played in a National League ballpark, the designated hitter will no longer be allowed to bat in place of the pitcher – the pitcher must bat unless the team is substituting a hitter in for the pitcher, which in that case, the pitcher will not be allowed to enter the game again. As a result, games played in AL ballparks may be higher scoring since the DH will make for a much more difficult out compared to a pitcher who’s batting. On the flipside, games played in NL ballparks may result in lower scores. Since AL teams are usually more dependent on their DH and many teams possess one or two dangerous DH (think David Ortiz), they’ll have a added weapon when playing in their home ballparks. On the other hand, since AL pitchers will never be required to bat unless they’re playing in NL ballparks during the regular season, they’ll make for much easier outs compared to NL pitchers, who are much better on average.

Location Of Ballparks

By the time the World Series rolls around and depending on which city the games are played in, the weather could be pretty good or downright terrible. Imagine playing a World Series game at the start of November in New York, where temperatures during the evening would require you to wear a pretty heavy jacket. What about Chicago, where winds may reach upwards of 20-30 mph? On the other hand, if teams are playing in Los Angeles, the weather will not be as much of a concern. Visiting teams may not be as used to these changing conditions late in the year compared to home teams themselves and as a result, home field advantage may be further compounded. Additionally, if the World Series goes to a game seven, be sure to keep in mind which team will have the luxury of home field advantage, although this means much less in the MLB compared to the NBA.


A team that has scratched and crawled its way into the World Series while sustaining nagging injuries to its players will definitely be less equipped to win compared to a team that has dominated throughout the postseason while maintaining the health of its hitters and the arms of its pitching staff. Although baseball requires the contributions of numerous players, a team’s momentum heading into the World Series is extremely important as streaks come and go for every team on multiple occasions throughout the course of the season. This is why decent players are sometimes able to make a huge name for themselves in the World Series – they carried a lot of momentum throughout the postseason and rode this wave all the way into the World Series where pitches appear to the hitter’s eye to be slowing down or pitchers are just in their zone, locating their pitches at will. Momentum is contagious and could make all the difference in the World Series.

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