The Best 5 Sites To Use When It Comes To Betting On Baseball

One of the most unique aspects of baseball is how the structure of the game allows for accurate and extensive advanced analytics. The game isn’t played at the same fluent pace as hockey or basketball. The structure and pace of a baseball game allows experts to break down each at-bat and individual play with a rigid set of parameters. The advanced statistics community has grown over the years with countless sites offering their own analysis that can really help when it comes to predicting win probabilities and the outcomes of baseball games. Here is a look at the best five sites to use when it comes to betting on baseball.


Fangraphs produces dozens of articles every day with a significant focus on advanced analytics. It’s cutting edge information provides greater insight in to what is happening on the field as well as why it is happening. Fangraphs also provides a solid database with each player season divided in dozens of ways with just about every accessible element of the game dissected. They also provide articles that offer insight in to how you should approach the material that they post. Fangraphs is an excellent starting point for anybody looking for insight and information that can be used to bet on baseball.


BaseballSavant is the perfect complement to Fangraphs in that it employs StatCast technology. This technology is capable of gathering and displaying previously immeasurable aspects of the game. StatCast collects the data using a series of high-resolution optical cameras along with radar equipment that has been installed in 30 MLB ballparks. BaseballSavant can deliver us with this type of information ranging from how hard a ball is hit to the exact locations of each pitch thrown over the course of a game.


Widely considered the ultimate online encyclopedia for baseball, Brooksbaseball will tell you everything about a pitcher using PITCHFX data to paint an incredibly clear picture of how a pitcher threw in each start of their career. Brooksbaseball breaks down individual starts and allows for an in-depth look at each performance from a pitcher. For example, every single pitch that Clayton Kershaw has every thrown has been tracked and charted to make it available for analysis by everyday fans.


ESPN won’t provide the same advanced statistical analysis that the first three sites on this list provide. However, they will give you the breaking news and insight that you need to accurately predict the win probabilities in baseball. If a starting pitcher is injured in warmups and scratched from his start, then ESPN will be the place you find this information in order to adjust your wager. ESPN will also provide the simpler details including schedule, standings and updated box scores for each game so that you can follow along from wherever you are.

The final site that all bettors should use for handicapping baseball is, which provides excellent insight from a betting perspective. delivers a wide range of important statistics, trends and insight from a betting perspective with easily accessible details that include how teams perform at home compared to on the road, how they perform as the favorite or the underdog and how they have fared in terms of going over or under the totals listed for their games. The wide range of baseball betting information that provides is the perfect complement to the other sources on this list to round out the best sites to use when it comes to betting on baseball.

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