The Keys To Betting On MLB Run Lines

What is the best baseball betting strategy for betting on the MLB run lines? Over the years, sportsbooks have created different types of wager options to create a greater interest in betting on baseball. One of the relatively newer options they have come up with is betting on the run line. The run line is a handicap that creates a more equal matchup based on the matchup. The favorite will be listed at -1.5 on the run line while the underdog will be listed at +1.5 on the run line. Here is a look at the keys to betting on MLB run lines.

Limit Number Of Wagers

One of the most obvious mistakes that casual bettors make is wagering on too many games. The baseball schedule includes 10 or more matchups on most nights of the week so it can be easy to get sucked in to making more bets than you probably should make. If you are new to run lines, you want to slow down and make sure you aren’t putting too many wagers down at once. Limit your scope to the best value bets on the board and try to remain patient when it comes to betting on the run line.

Find Underdog Value

One of the most important rules to remember is that even when they lose the underdogs can often keep the games close. If they are listed at +1.5 on the run line, then they could still lose by one run and cover the number. While it will cost a little more to get that extra run, the truth is that it is often worth taking that chance since you are getting the extra run. The favorites listed at -1.5 will likely be listed at plus-money, but it’s important to understand the reason for it is because they now have to win by two runs to win the wager.

Take Caution Betting Hot Pitchers

Another key to betting MLB run lines is to evaluate pitchers based on their skill sets rather than a current hot streak. If a pitcher has had a few big outings, you’ll likely be laying -1.5 runs with him when he crashes. If a pitcher has had a stronger than expected month, you’ll be laying -1.5 runs with him when regression eventually sends him back to the normal. Meanwhile, if you can find a pitcher that is stronger than his recent performances indicate then you might be able to grab him and his club at +1.5 on the run line. Therefore, when he bounces back and delivers a solid performance you will be in an excellent position to capitalize with a favorable run line bet.

Consider Lesser Teams

One more thing to consider when betting on the run line is the potential of lesser teams. While the favorites are listed as such for a reason, the lesser teams are getting 1.5 runs to cover and that could really work to their advantage. You want to consider lesser teams to bet on when it comes to making run line bets, especially when they are in a favorable spot in what should be a closely contested matchup. The sharp handicappers tend to think that even if the underdogs lose they could still cover the one run, which makes them very valuable at +1.5 lines.

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