Which Umpires Should Know About When Betting On Baseball

There are countless MLB betting strategies available online. While the majority of these strategies focus on the best approach to betting on specific types of teams or specific types of betting situations, they don’t necessarily take in to account all angles of a specific matchup. The key is to gain as much information as possible and use it to your advantage. One area that doesn’t get a lot of attention is the potential bias of specific umpires. While the numbers don’t stand out nearly as much with some umpires, they do stand out enough to make them worth taking in to consideration with other umpires. Here is a look at which umpires you should know about when betting on baseball.

Best Home Umpires

There are sports betting sites that pay close attention to the overall numbers produced in games based on the umpire that officiates that game. According to the numbers tracked over the past couple of years there are some umpires that have officiated games that tend to go in favor of the home team. For example, games umpired by Lance Barkdale have produced a 229-150 record for the home team. Whether there is an inherent bias shown by the umpire or it is just the luck of the draw, the bottom line is that the numbers show a clear bias that needs to be taken in to account. The home teams have posted a 207-145 record in games umpired by Alfonzo Marquez, a 231-171 record in home games umpired by Ted Barrett and an 81-49 record in home games umpired by John Trumpane. This isn’t necessarily an accusation that these umpires have shown a bias towards the home team. However, considering the overall numbers it is impossible to ignore these splits entirely.

Best Away Umpires

While there is plenty of examples of umpires that tend to favor the home teams, there is also examples of umpires that tend to officiate games in which the visiting team has had a significant edge. For example, road teams have posted a 200-189 record in games officiated by Tom Hallion. Road teams are 188-192 in games umpired by Paul Nauert and 141-144 in games umpired by Scott Barry. While the splits might not seem as dramatic as we saw with umpires that favor the home teams the reality is that teams tend to win fewer games on the road than at home. The fact that road teams have a better than .500 record in games umpired by Tom Hallion should definitely stand out.

Best Underdog Umpires

In addition to the home and road splits, there are also umpires that have produced strong splits based on the favorites and underdogs. For example, underdog teams have posted a 204-205 record in games officiated by Joe West entering this season. The underdog teams are 188-194 in games umpired by Jeff Nelson and 186-209 in games officiated by Jerry Meals. At the same time, there are umpires with numbers that tend to show a bias towards favorites. For example, favorites have posted a 179-97 record in games umpired by Mike DiMuro. Meanwhile, the favorites have posted a 242-145 record in games umpired by Tim Timmons and a 242-152 record posted by Lazaro Diaz. It might not seem like a big deal at first glance, but the numbers indicate you should take umpiring in to account when you place bets on MLB games.

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