MMA BettingMixed Martial Arts has seen astronomical growth over the last couple of decades. Viewed as too brutal of a sport to go mainstream in the 1990’s, the fight scene – and the UFC specifically – have become one of the major players on the sports scene these days.


Nowadays, MMA rivals boxing for the spotlight on Saturday nights and many UFC main events now rival or top the biggest boxing prize fights. With nine weightclasses in the UFC and plenty of competition in each, they’re also able to offer full cards with multiple fights of intrigue unlike boxing, which tends to have one mega-event and a number of preliminary bouts that aren’t as captivating.


MMA Betting

With UFC events almost every week, bettors have a lot of opportunities to make money on the fights. The key is to know how to handicap the fights, to understand the styles and make good predictions that will lead to consistent and long-term success. In this section, we’ll focus on picks, advice and strategies to help you win money in the long run.

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