How To Bet NBA Playoffs Game 7

One of the most exciting parts of watching the NBA playoffs is when a series goes to a final and deciding game seven. When advancing to the next round or having your season come to an end, playoff game sevens are always a spectacle for the ages. Game sevens have an important effect on players as legacies and reputations can be solidified or tarnished. Since there’ll be no “next game” for the losing team, players on both teams give it their all, which usually makes for an impressive contest. In this article, we’ll provide some tips on how to bet on game seven of the NBA playoffs.

Home Court Advantage

In the history of the NBA playoffs, there’s been a total of 127 game sevens played. The home team holds a mind-blowing 80% win rate in these games. Obviously, the home team is also the team that had the better seeding heading into the series, but that number – 80% – is quite staggering. It’s very well known that it’s very difficult to “steal” a win on the road, and this becomes compounded in game sevens. With so much at stake, playing at home can serve as a considerable advantage for the host team, as many seemingly unimportant factors may add up to impact the game in ways previously unimagined. If the home team has been the better team overall throughout the first six games of the series, my money would probably be on them to win at home in game seven as well. Just keep in mind the importance of home court advantage, especially in a game seven playoff setting.

Superstar Player(s)

When a series come down to a final deciding game, the best player on the court is definitely most capable of providing a memorable performance. This is when the importance of having a superstar player on your team comes into play, and more specifically, having a superstar player who’s also the best player on both teams. When reputations and legacies are on the line in game sevens, it’s also almost always the best player’s reputation and legacy that’s the most at stake. The ability of a superstar player to carry a team and put the team on his back is huge when it comes to game sevens, especially for a player who’s capable of impacting the game on both ends of the floor. Simply put, if the best player on the court catches fire and can’t seem to miss, it hardly matters what the opposing team is capable of doing – the game should be a wrap at this point. Identify the best player on the court (among both teams), and try to gauge how he’ll likely perform in game seven. If the assessment is positive, it may be prudent to place a bet on his team.


As the saying goes, “experience is the teacher”, this quote also holds true when it comes to game sevens. Whenever there’s a team whose core players have gone through one or multiple game sevens is matched up against a team whose never been to a game seven before, the more experienced team will usually find a way to grind out the game and pull out a win at the end of the game. For teams who’ve never experienced playing in a game seven, and especially if their players are younger, these players may tend to do too much – they may try too hard to win the game by themselves, put the team on their back, and/or make a name for themselves. As a result, what’s worked for this team in the past (e.g., playing as a team and always looking for the player in the best position to make a play or a score) may go out the window in game seven.

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