NBA Betting: How To Bet Most-Improved Player Props

The NBA Most Improved Player award is one that usually comes with a lot of controversy and disagreements. The term, “most improved” is quite subjective and can take on many different interpretations. For example, should this award be given to the player who was regarded as a scrub before turning into a solid rotation player this season? Alternatively, should this award be given to the player who has seen the biggest jumps in key statistical categories such as points per game, rebounds per game, assists per game, etc. In my opinion, the MIP prop is one of the most difficult props to bet on before the start of the regular season, if not the most difficult. However, in this article, we’ll provide you with some general tips on betting the MIP award prop.

Visualize A Player’s Year-After-Year Progression

It’s easy to look at a player’s numbers and see that he’s made progress year-after-year. However, what will stand out even more is if you graph or plot out a player’s key statistical categories year-after-year in order to gain a better visualization of things. Seeing a player’s year-over-year points per game numbers as just numbers compared to viewing this information as graphs will make quite a difference. It may also give you a different perspective on the trajectory that the player will be heading towards when things are visualized.

Impact On The Team

It hardly matters if a player has gone from playing in the D-League to being the 10th man on an NBA team’s rotation. If a player is to win the MIP award, he must also have a big positive impact on the team. Some factors that could provide a player with this opportunity may be the fact that a better player that he was coming off the bench for was recently traded and this will present a new opportunity for the potential MIP to turn himself into a full-time starter and average north of 30 minutes per game. Similar to the MVP award, the MIP award winner must not only improve his own individual game, but his improvement must also translate into overall team improvement.

Increase In Points Per Game

In today’s NBA, a player’s ability to score is still as important as ever. As a result, the MIP award also takes this into account. A player who’s able to increase his scoring average from 10 points per game to 20 points per game will likely be a lock to win the MIP award. However, being able to predict this won’t be an easy task. In terms of betting on the MIP prop, it’d be wise to analyze and seek out players who you believe have the potential to break out in terms of significantly raising their scoring averages during the upcoming NBA regular season.

Contract Year

A player who’s on the last year of his current contract and looking to make a big splash for his upcoming contract will be much more motivated to perform at his highest level in order to attract the most interest from potential suitors. Being on a contract year, his performance could make or break his next contract. Since this player is well-aware of the situation that he’s in, he may also have been more motivated to put in extra work during the offseason. All of these factors may propel him to play at a much higher level compared to prior seasons and firmly put him in the conversation for the MIP award.

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