The Biggest Differences Between Betting On The NBA And College Basketball

Whether it’s an NBA game or a college basketball game there really is no difference when it comes with how you place a bet. However, the differences between the professional and college games should force you to take different approaches when it comes to betting on the two types of basketball contests. Here is a look at the biggest differences between betting on the NBA and college basketball.

Schedules Matter

Unlike in college basketball when teams play around 32-35 games in a season, the NBA schedule features 82 games. The busier schedule takes a much greater toll on the bodies of the players that have to travel across the country to play around three to four games a week on average. Considering the density of their schedules, you really need to account for the toll that fatigue will take on the players over the course of the season. Keep schedules in mind when you evaluate NBA betting matchups.

Home Court Advantage

Unlike travel, home court advantage is actually a bigger factor at the college level than it is in the NBA. Since there are fewer games in college, each game takes on a higher level of importance and that the fans get crazier and the arenas get louder in favor of the home teams. It also makes sense that college players are more susceptible to the pressure of playing on the road compared to professionals. NBA road underdogs tend to have a better chance to win on average than road underdogs in college. It’s one more factor to keep in mind when betting the two games.

Intense Rivalries

While there are rivalries in both college basketball and the NBA, there is a lot more intensity in college rivalry games. The histories behind the schools factor heavily in to this. There is also the fact that most college rivals play one another only once or twice in a given season. The heated rivalries create a unique dynamic at the college level that needs to be taken in to consideration when betting on those games.

Talent Distribution

Another actor to keep in mind is the talent levels of NBA teams compared to college teams. While there will always be exceptions like the Golden State Warriors, the disparity in talent is usually greater among college teams than it is at the NBA level. The NBA features a greater balance in the level of talent for every team. Meanwhile, the often contrast in talent level among college basketball teams creates a more uneven playing field that could be exploited for betting purposes.

Playing Styles

The final factor to keep in mind when it comes to the difference between the college and the NBA games is the differences in playing styles. There is a much wider range of playing styles that teams operate in at the college level than in the NBA. Whether it’s running the matchup zone defense or a full-court press all game or operating a three-guard system that relies heavily on the three-ball, there are many different systems and playing styles that college teams rely on which aren’t usually used in the NBA. Some playing styles match up better against others so it’s important to keep that in mind when betting on college basketball. While the actual sport is the same, the differences between betting on the NBA and college basketball are vast so it’s important to keep that in mind when it comes to betting on them.

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