The Keys To Being A Successful Basketball Bettor

The NBA is one of the four major sports in North America and it’s also one of the most popular sports to bet on around the world. Fans get bet on everything from the outcome of games to player props, totals and future bets that include betting on which teams will go the furthest and ultimately which team will be crowned NBA champions. Here is a look at some important basketball betting tips to remember.

Stats & Trends Matter

As is the case with any sport, it is extremely important to be up to date with injuries and analyze the stats and trends in order to understand the likelihood of something happening. Since the NBA is built around the stars, an injury to a key player can completely change the outlook of a basketball matchup. Sites like and have a wide range of stats that you can use to break down matchups and figure out the best bets so make sure you do your homework and put in the necessary research ahead of time.

Home Court Advantage

Another important element that you have to take in to account is home court advantage. While it might not have as great of an impact as the numbers show it does in other sport, there are still some obvious splits between how teams perform at home compared to on the road. Make sure that you look in to the history of both teams in a given matchup to see if the home/road splits indicate the game will go one way or another.

Understand Value

The odds for matchups should be impacted based on the stats, trends, injuries and home court advantage. Another important tip to remember is that sometimes the sportsbooks will overlook a key factor that will have a major impact on the game so if you can figure it out you could find value betting on the matchup. It’s also important to remember that different sportsbooks offer different lines so make sure you shop around and find the best value based on your wager selection.

Narrow Your Field

As tempting as it might be to bet on every single game, the smart approach is to narrow your field and focus on two or three key games with favorable matchups. If there are two or three games in particular that you have a strong feeling about then stick with those contests and bet on them rather than spreading your money over too many options and limiting your potential winnings on the best bets.

Changes Matter

While the stats and trends matter it’s also important to take in to consideration any significant change that could impact the outcome of games. For example, if a team makes a blockbuster trade then the reality is that their new look roster should look different than the one that produced the stats and trends that are available based on the old roster. New players might bring a team up or down so make sure you pay attention to roster changes and factor them in to your betting decisions.

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