Tips On Betting First Round NBA Playoff Series

With the conclusion of NBA All-Star weekend, we’re slightly past the midway mark of the 2017-2018 NBA regular season, with the playoffs looming. The NBA playoffs have always been an exciting time, especially as the playoff rounds progress. In this article, we’ll provide you with some tips on betting the first round of the NBA playoff series.

Higher Seeds Vs. Lower Seeds

In the first round of the playoffs, upsets rarely happen, especially when we’re talking about a first seed vs. an eighth seed. The last time this happened was in 2012, when the Philadelphia 76ers upset the Chicago Bulls, with Derrick Rose sustaining a torn ACL in game one and Joakim Noah getting injured during the series as well. Additionally, with one additional home game for the higher seeded team, this could prove crucial if the series goes to seven games. Since upsets rarely happen when talking about the first vs. eighth seeds and second vs. seventh seeds, it would be a better strategy to focus on the third vs. sixth seeds and fourth vs. fifth seeds to try and derive some value from these matchups. Usually, these teams are a lot closer in terms of talent and strength.

How Teams Finish Off The Regular Season

In the remaining two weeks or so leading up to the playoffs, it’s a good idea to try and gauge how each playoff bound team have been performing leading to the start of the first round of the playoffs. Since momentum plays a big factor in the NBA, how a team finishes off the regular season could be indicative of how their first round playoff series will likely play out, especially when two teams have a lesser discrepancy in terms of their seeding. For example, if a higher seeded team has limped into the playoffs whereas a lower seeded team has come on extremely strong during the last two weeks or so of the regular season, this first round playoff series may be much closer than people would expect or indicated by the betting lines.

Injuries And Health Of Key Players

Since the standings at the end of the regular season are decided based on performance over the course of the entire season, seedings for the first round playoff matchups may not mean as much if a higher seeded team has been hampered by injuries during the latter half of the regular season, with the health of their key players having declined as the season progressed. This is extremely important to keep track of since the NBA regular season and playoffs is a huge grind where the overall health of the team could easily be the deciding factor of a playoff series. Additionally, if a team has one star player carrying a huge loan for his respective team, any sort of injury that may force this player to sit out for even one or two games may have huge ramifications for the entire playoff series. Even nagging injuries may alter the course of a playoff series, as these types of injuries tend to worsen the more minutes played by the player. As a result, it would be prudent to try and forecast any potential injuries to players as well as how existing injuries (no matter how insignificant) will be likely to play out as the first round playoff series progresses.

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