5 Keys Being A Successful College Basketball Bettor

The annual NCAA tournament might still be months away but college basketball fans don’t have to wait until the March Madness begins to get in on the sports betting action. The majority of sites offer money line, point spread and totals for college basketball games and with so many games on the schedule every week there are plenty of options out there to fill your needs. Here is a look at the keys to betting on college basketball.

Picking Teams

The college basketball money line and point spread works similar to the NBA with teams listed at various numbers based on overall strength and past performance. The majority of games are available on both the money line and point spread but there will be some exceptions for the more lopsided matchups on the board. The college game can be a lot more unpredictable than the NBA based on the schedules, depth and relative inexperience of the players so make sure you keep that in mind when it comes to picking teams.

Betting Totals

Some college basketball fans feel that it is easier to bet on totals than it is to predict the point spreads and while that isn’t always true that perspective is certainly understandable. College basketball totals work the same way that football or NBA totals work with the lines usually at -110 on the number. The fact that not all sportsbooks allow their members to bet on college basketball totals could be a sign that sharp bettors can gain an advantage with the books that do allow them.

Understanding Strengths & Weaknesses

One of the most important elements to successful sports betting on college basketball is to understand the strengths and weaknesses of individual teams. The final score doesn’t tell you how the game played out and what key information you can take from that game and apply to future contests. It’s important to know if a team can handle defensive pressure or if a team has trouble against a zone defense because you can take those strengths and weaknesses and apply them to evaluations of future games. If a team is averaging a high number of points early in the season because they have played primarily weaker teams that don’t know how to defend them then you could overrate them in future games when they are playing tougher opponents.

Finding The Best Values

Every successful sports handicapper understands how important it is to shop around and fine the best value when it comes to sports betting lines. This is particularly true when it comes to smaller schools since they are less scrutinized and there tends to be less information available on them to dictate where the lines should be. This is also true when it comes to the totals for college basketball games, which should usually be in the 130 to 150 range. It makes a lot of sense to find a line that is lower than it should be or higher than it should be and bet against it in order to gain an edge. A line movement on the total between two lesser-known teams is likely the result of a sharp bettor putting a large amount of money down on that line so it’s never a bad idea to track those lines and try to follow them in order to capitalize on those potential weaknesses in the lines.

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