5 Keys To Betting On College Basketball

With the month of March right around the corner, the number of bets placed on college basketball games is expected to pick up exponentially over the next few weeks. However, while the annual NCAA tournament is one of the most popular sports betting tournaments every year, the weeks leading up to the March Madness can actually be the most profitable for those paying close enough attention. Here is a look at five keys to betting on college basketball.

Under The Radar

With 347 teams in NCAA Division I basketball, there are always plenty of options when it comes to betting on the college game. The sheer number of teams also means that there are always programs that fly under the radar. Finding underrated teams that have the potential to be very profitable based on the fact that they aren’t as popular as bigger programs. If you follow college basketball closely enough you can make some serious money betting on quality teams that fly under the radar.

Conference Focus

If you are looking for teams that fly under the radar than you will need to look at smaller conferences that don’t get the same attention as the bigger conferences. While you might not hear much about Ohio Valley Conference games, the sportsbooks likely don’t pay as much attention to that conference as they do the Big Ten or the SEC, which means that if there are lines to be exploited they are likely for games in these programs. If you want to find profitable teams flying under the radar, then make sure you narrow your conference focus to certain conferences.

Importance Of Home Advantage

Building on the strategies that we have already established, you can narrow your potential to win even more by understanding the importance of home advantage. Home court is more important in college basketball than in the NBA. The fans are more aggressive, the arenas are louder and the players aren’t as prepared to deal with adversity. When it comes to betting on overlooked schools in smaller conferences, you need to look out for the potential advantages of the home teams versus road teams.

Exploiting Favorable Stylistic Matchups

Another area where you can improve your betting strategy is by exploiting favorable stylistic matchups. Different college teams employ different strategies on the court whether its their zone defense tendencies, a constant full-court press, relying heavily on a sound interior presence on offense or an attack that leans heavily on the three-ball. Every strategy is more effective against certain opponents than it is against others based on how the teams match up. It’s important to understand the matchups where certain styles are more favorable in comparison to others. By exploiting favorable matchups, you can improve your chances of winning college basketball bets.

Understanding Talent Disparities

The final key to include in your sports betting strategy for betting on college basketball is to identify the differences in overall team talent. For example, a top team in the SEC is going to on average be dramatically more talented than an average team in the OVC. Unlike in the NBA where all 32 teams have enough talent to secure an upset win on any given night, the odds of a weaker team upsetting a top Division I team are much lower than a lower seeded NBA team upsetting a top-seeded team. By applying the strategies established here, you can gain a significant edge when it comes to betting on college basketball.

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