4 Best Sites To Use For College Basketball Betting

The college basketball season is in the middle of its journey to March Madness. Before the NCAA Tournament begins and the conference tournaments are set, it could certainly help to familiarize yourself with some of the better betting sites around. Here are a few, starting with an obvious first choice:

This is the gold standard for all college basketball sites. This is where you get a gold mine of information not just on basic statistics, but on advanced analytics. Ken Pomeroy’s site measures teams by what are called “tempo-free statistics,” meaning that it provides statistics based on possessions per game. Some games are fast-paced and have a lot of possessions, while other games are very slow-paced and involve very few possessions. This reality of tempo makes per-game statistics very flawed and limited as true measurements of how good teams are and how well teams play in various situations. Reducing stats to per-possession stats takes tempo out of the picture and provides more precision and detail in explaining what a given team is capable of.

A team ranked in the top 10 of the polls and a team ranked in the top 10 of KenPom might overlap, but they often don’t mean the same thing, and it’s KenPom which often provides the much better reflection of how good a team is – or isn’t. It makes much more sense to trust KenPom as the basis for your NCAA Tournament picks.


This is the equivalent in college basketball of what RotoWorld is for college football. This is the site which gives injury reports and updates, provides accurate and relevant information on player health and personnel situations. There are so many athletes to keep track of in a sport which has 351 Division I teams, from the Big Ten and ACC to the Southland and MEAC conferences. RotoWire can provide better analysis of these thousands of players than most, and for that reality alone, it is immensely valuable and something to constantly refer to as you make your next college basketball betting play.

Bet Chicago

You get some basic betting information at this site, which is unremarkable, but the value of this site is that it has a robust social media presence on Twitter at @BetChicago1, in addition to its website at From this social media hub, you will realize that when a big college basketball game is just around the bend, you will get sharp day-before-game analysis which goes in depth to break down a matchup and explain its more precise tension points and game keys. Having deep-dive-level analysis, beyond the listings of stats at sites such as, is another central foundational aspect of a good college basketball betting resource. This is where Bet Chicago sets itself apart.

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