College Basketball Betting: Teaser Guide

A teaser can be a very fun and interesting type of bet, especially for sports that have betting options that revolve around the spread. In principle, a teaser provides the bettor with the opportunity to move the line in the bettor’s favor. However, a catch with teasers is that two or more teams must be included in the teaser bet, similar to a parlay. This means that all teams on the teaser bet card must win for the bettor to win. With teasers, the more teams that are included, the higher the payouts, but your likelihood of winning also decreases as more teams are added to the teaser.

Brief Example Of A Teaser

When it comes to betting on teasers in NCAA basketball, an example can be used to briefly illustrate how teasers work. For example, if you wanted to take the following games, but you’re not too sure when it comes to the spreads, you can “tease” these lines:

Before Teasing:      After Teasing:
North Carolina        -12.0 North Carolina -8.0
Duke -15.0                Duke -11.0
Oregon -5.0              Oregon -1.0

From the example above, after teasing the spreads, each of the individual spreads was reduced by four points. While you may not have been as comfortable with taking the spreads in the first column above, you’ll surely feel more comfortable with the spreads in the second column.


The question always lingers – is betting on NCAA basketball teasers really profitable? By going back and analyzing historical data, we’re able to get a clearer picture. The results from our analysis are separated into three sections – home favorites, road favorites, and road underdogs. When it comes to NCAA basketball teasers, they usually range from 4.0 to 4.5 points.

Home Favorites

While there weren’t too many ideal situations to tease home favorites, teams favored by 14.5 to 15.0 points have historically been profitable to tease. For home favorites at a spread of -11.5, five-point teasers (spread adjusted to -6.5) won at a rate of 73.93%. The best home favorites have been -14.5 on the spread (4-point tease – 71.51%; 4.5-point tease – 74.42%; 5-point tease – 75.42%) and -15.0 on the spread (4-point tease – 72.14%; 4.5-point tease – 73.83%; 5-point tease 75.86%).

Away Favorites

As with other sports as well, away favorites presented some great teaser situations. This was evident with away favorites at -6.5, -7.0, -8.5, -9.5, -12.5, -13.0, and -13.5. The best outright away favorite spread to tease was at -13.5 points. A 4-point tease yielded a 83.87% win rate; a 4-5-point tease yielded a 86.67% win rate; and a 5-point tease yielded a 87.10% win rate.

Road Underdogs

Initially, we didn’t expect to see too many good situations for road underdogs. However, upon digging deeper into the numbers, we were pleasantly surprised. When our analysis, road underdogs of +12.0 points and +13.0 points were the best teaser options. When a road underdog had a line of +12.0, a tease of 4-points resulted in a 74.72% win rate, a tease of 4.5-points resulted in a 75.27% win rate, and a tease of 5-points resulted in a 77.24% win rate. When a road underdog had a line of +13.0, a tease of 4-points resulted in a 72.65% win rate, a tease of 4.5-points resulted in a 73.55% win rate, and a tease of 5-points resulted in a 74.48% win rate.

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