How To Bet NCAA March Madness Winner At Sweet 16 Stage

Individuals can choose to bet on an outright winner for the NCAA March Madness tournament before the Sweet 16 stage games begin, which is also the third round of action, after the round of 64 and round of 32. In this article, we’ll provide you with some tips on betting on an outright tournament winner at the Sweet 16 stage.

Quality Of Wins By Teams Remaining

In the NCAA tournament, not every win should be judged in the same way. For example, come-from-behind wins, while serving as a confidence boost, may be a sign that a team is not playing as dominantly as it should and slipping by with a win by coming from behind, which may not be sustainable. Additionally, close games decided by one possession may truly provide a huge boost for a team’s confidence moving forward, knowing that they’re able to maintain a consistently high level of play throughout the game while executing plays down the stretch in close games. Not every win is the same, and you should be able to pick out teams with quality wins from teams with lucky wins.

Momentum Of Teams

Since the March Madness tournament is a series of elimination games, momentum can be a huge factor especially when the tournament winner essentially needs to win six straight games throughout the course of the tournament. If a superior team catches fire and has momentum behind them, other teams had better watch out. Teams that have entered the March Madness tournament on winning streaks and have posted quality wins in their first two games should be considered as potential tournament winners.

Road To The Finals

Decidedly, some teams will have a much easier road to the finals compared to other teams on different sides of the March Madness bracket. While an easier road to the finals may not always be the optimal scenario, it’ll at least allow a team to reach the finals, wherein anything can happen in a one-game winner-take-all format. Getting to the finals is already difficult enough, and a team able to play in the finals will undoubtedly put its best leg forward in the championship game.

Health Of Teams

In any sports, the health of teams during a playoff or tournament run is extremely important to the prospects of winning a championship. When the top athletes are pinned against one another in what’s arguably the biggest games of their young careers, with the importance of the game increasing after each round, any sort of physical ailing may mean the difference between a buzzer-beating shot or one that falls short on the front iron. It’s extremely important for players to feel both mentally and physically strong. However, if a player is plagued by injuries, with these injuries only worsening during the March Madness, this is a team that should be avoided.

Previous Year’s March Madness Loser

As college basketball is fuelled by emotions more so than the NBA, a team that’s still in the current year’s Sweet 16 round and was the team that had lost in the previous year’s championship round should definitely be a team to watch out for. With more experience from last year’s loss along with the right kind of motivation fuelling this team, if a betting opportunity arises filled with good value, it’d be one to consider.

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