How To Find The Best Value When Betting On March Madness

The March Madness basketball tournament is undoubtedly one of the busiest times of the year when it comes to betting on college basketball. It’s important to remember that the sheer volume of wagers that are made on the NCAA tournament means that the sportsbooks are constantly trying to adjust their lines in an effort to keep up with the money being wagered on the actual games and there could be opportunities to exploit numbers they aren’t paying close enough attention to when it comes to adjusting the lines. Here is a look at how to find the best value when betting on March Madness basketball.

Listen To The Sharps Early

One of the most interesting aspects of the significant early line moves is how much money the sharps will put on games early on and the impact that their wagers can have on moving the lines. In NCAA basketball, it isn’t uncommon for a total to move as much as 10 points if a good amount of money is placed on either side by the sharps and those significant line moves usually indicate an opportunity somewhere. It’s important to keep an eye out for significant line moves and shop around in an effort to find a sportsbook that hasn’t adjusted the jump in time. If you can get on the right side of a significant line move that hasn’t happened yet then you can capitalize and earn a big profit on a single wager.

Go Against The Grain

One of the most important things to remember about the March Madness tournament is that the upsets are one of the biggest reasons for the excitement surrounding the event every year. It also means that while a strong majority of the experts could be on one team that does not make them a lock to win. The most memorable NCAA tournament outcomes are the ones that nobody saw coming and those are the ones that bettors cashed in big time with if they took the underdog teams. It makes a lot of sense to familiarize yourself with the teams and follow what the sharps will do but don’t be shy to go against the grain if you see an opportunity on any given underdog line.

Familiarity With Conferences

Since there are so many college teams in Division 1 basketball it is difficult to get a handle on the strengths, weaknesses and trends for all of them at any given time. While you might have a handle on a handful of teams in the tournament there are likely at least a few teams you aren’t very familiar with. It is that much more important to do the necessary research and find out as much as possible about each and every team when evaluating the matchups. With so many teams involved, you need to put in the time if you want to make some money. Knowledge is the key to getting an edge on the sportsbooks and the March Madness tournament offers the perfect opportunity.

Manage Your Money

As is the case in any sport, you want to manage your money and not go too hard with any individual wager. That means that you need to pick your spots and not go all-in with every opportunity that you find. The best handicappers are able to take a patient approach to betting on tournaments like the March Madness and pick their spots when it comes to making reasonable wagers on the best bets available on the board.

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