March Madness Betting: How To Discern Good Coaches From Bad Coaches

Although a coach does not physically step on the court to play in the March Madness tournament, his influence and impact on his team’s ability to win is paramount. Compared to the NBA where coaches are able to rely on the team’s best player(s) to dictate play, this luxury is not afforded to college basketball coaches. Predominantly, play calls are done on the sidelines by coaches and a coach’s decisions leave imprints on almost every play. In this article, we’ll take a look at how to discern good coaches from bad coaches.

History Of The Coach

The most obvious way to determine if a coach is good or bad is to take a look at what he’s been able to accomplish in the past. Legendary coaches in college basketball, such as John Calipari and Mike Krzyzewski, have proven track records and championship wins to their name, along with the fact that many of the best high school basketball players are more than willing to commit to their basketball programs. On the other hand, signs of a bad coach from looking at his past experiences may point to the fact that he’s been a part of many programs, often without much success. However, if a coach is relatively new and has just been appointed to lead a college team’s basketball program, there won’t be much history to go off. In this case, we’ll have to analyze more information to determine the legitimacy of this coach.

Previous Tutelage

Sometimes, the pupil ends up surpassing the master. However, this is only possible if the master has imposed his own knowledge and wisdom on the pupil. This applies to college basketball coaches as well. For a relatively new head coach, it’s important to find out where his previous coaching posts were and who he coached for as his previous roles will likely be in the capacity of an assistant coach. Additionally, since most coaches have played basketball in the past, it’ll also be helpful to find out where the coach went to school during his playing days and the coach that he played for.

Comments From Players

A good coach will be able to command respect from his players. As a result, great coaches often receive public praise from their players along with the organization as a whole. This information can ben obtained directly from public releases and news articles. On the other hand, a bad coach will be unable to command the full respect of his players and often times, rife within the locker room will somehow leak out to the press, with negative reports directly aimed at the coach himself.

Game Strategy

A good coach will be able to identify the best strategies that will help his team win against an opponent. Additionally, a good coach will also be able to make the necessary in-game adjustments when an opposing team throws something out of the ordinary during the game. Coaches who often have trouble implementing the right strategy and making proper in-game adjustments will likely not have much success, as other coaches are able to identify these weaknesses and exploit them to their team’s benefit. At the college level, the coach’s philosophy directly translates into how his team and his players will approach the game. If his philosophy and strategies are flawed, this will translate directly onto the hardwood.

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