Strategy For Betting NCAA Preseason Tournaments

One of the most overlooked parts of the college basketball schedule as it relates to betting is the preseason tournament. Excluding basketball fans and sharp sports bettors who follow NCAA basketball religiously, many people allow a great betting opportunity to evade them simply due to the fact that preseason games occur during the football season. In this article, we’ll provide you with some strategies for betting on NCAA preseason tournaments.

Winnable Games

It’s important to take advantage of all available games and try to identify value in these games, even if they’re preseason games. A lot of value may be lurking in preseason games due to the fact that oddsmakers are more preoccupied with NFL and college football games, with less priority given to ensure the accuracy of NCAA preseason game lines. As a result, these lines tend to be a lot softer compared to in-season games.

Get A Head Start

Betting on preseason games will also provide you with the opportunity to determine where teams are relative to their preseason hype and expectations. Preseason tournaments offer potentially intriguing matchups between elite programs from various conferences, which may provide you with a sneak peak of what may take place during the NCAA March Madness tournament.

Study Coaches And Players Early

By betting on preseason games, you’ll be required to study coaches and players before the start of the actual NCAA basketball season, which may provide you with additional information and knowledge as well as other aspects of a team that you may not have picked up upon had you not bet on these preseason games. Additionally, schools with many returning players tend to perform very well during preseason games as they are already familiar with each other’s playing styles and all have well-defined roles within the team. On the other hand, teams with a high turnover from the past year may struggle out of the gate, as the team will likely require some time to develop team chemistry and get used to playing alongside other players who they’ve probably never played with, not to mention learning new offensive and defensive schemes while working with a new coach.

Be Wary Of Popular Schools

Public programs are overvalued by oddsmakers more often than not. These public programs include schools such as Duke, North Carolina, Kansas, and Kentucky. Regardless of how much better, if at all, these public programs are better compared to some lesser known programs, they will always be supported by the betting public. Oddsmakers are well aware of this fact and will gladly make bettors pay a higher price to wager on these overhyped teams. As a result, value is often slim, if any, for these public programs and a good line will likely be extremely difficult to pass by.


You can never start doing your homework and performing detailed analyses too early. As a result, the NCAA preseason tournaments and games offer you the ability to do so and in turn, gain a competitive advantage over other sports bettors who may simply be kicking it back and waiting until the start of the regular season to do any work. Solid betting strategies begin with handicapping teams and games in November and December and building on these games and experiences throughout the season. By the time the NCAA tournament rolls around in March, you’ll hopefully have built a sizeable bankroll and gained a lot of experience and insight in preparation for the big dance.

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