Best College Football Handicapping Resources

When it comes to handicapping NCAA football and sports in general, the resources that individuals use for information and analysis must be accurate and relevant. With the abundance of potential sources to derive information from, it is important to narrow them down to the select few that you can depend and rely on. New information gleamed is only useful when it’s accurate and relevant to what you’re trying to accomplish. In this article, we’ll take a look at four resources that can be used to handicap NCAA football – VegasInsider, StatFox, Phil Steele, and Covers.


VegasInsider provides detailed information for each NCAAF matchup. Each team’s win-loss record is listed along with the team’s win-loss record against-the-spread (ATS). Additionally, there is also information on the team’s current winning or losing streak, the opening spread and game total, the current spread and game total, as well as the betting trends based on the public in terms of percentages for the spread, moneyline, and over/under game totals. In addition, VegasInsider also provides details on each team’s respective records, split into total, home, and away for straight-up wins-losses, ATS wins-losses, and over/under game totals wins-losses. With VegasInsider, you’ll essentially be an “insider” for a variety of relevant matchup information and statistics.


StatFox provides a lot of the information that VegasInsider includes on their website, only in more detail. In addition to the current spreads and over/under game totals for each team along with straight-up, ATS, and over/under game total wins-losses, StatFox also includes some key offensive and defensive statistics for each team. Additionally, by clicking on the Expanded Matchup option, you’ll be able to explore more in-depth on key performance details for each team in the matchup, complete statistics, season game logs, and key news releases. Furthermore, StatFox also provides a summary of each team’s points for and points against while providing a win-loss breakdown by conference.

Phil Steele

Phil Steele’s magazine and blog provides comprehensive analysis on all things related to NCAA football. While Phil Steele’s magazine section must be purchased, these magazines include a plethora of information such as statistics, trends, returning starters, forecasts, writeups, and predictions – essentially an all-encompassing manual for NCAA football. If you’re not willing to pay for magazine coverage, you should check out Phil Steele’s blog. The blog includes writeups and information on experience charts, projected AP top 10, starts lost to injury, position rankings by team and division, power polls, draft day reference guides, yards per point factor, finding value in yards per game, and many more blog posts on strategy and key information. If you value information, both quality and quantity, be sure to check out Phil Steele’s website.


Covers also provides detailed information for each NCAA football matchup, with details on straight-up and ATS win-loss records, records in last 10 games played, matchup preview writeups, matchup trends for each team, matchup consensus, and line histories for each matchup. Covers provides a visually-appealing layout, which could be helpful for individuals who prefer to take in information visually. Covers also includes a weekly game stat sheet in PDF format, providing essential offensive and defensive statistics for each team every week along with information on records, broken down by categories. Although the PDF document is packed with numbers and may seem overwhelming at first, make sure to check out the format of the PDF and look for statistics that you believe is valuable, which will allow you to zone in on these key pieces of information.

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