4 Best Sites To Use For College Football Betting

The college football season is over, but the research into the next season can already begin. Study up, compare, gather historical notes, examine coaches, look at depth charts, and make sense of various trends. Here are four of the best sites to look at when considering your next college football game bet.


You get historical matchup notes here, along with in-season margin of victory measurements. This is a good tool for being able to compare two schools in recent seasons, generally conference opponents who are familiar with each other. You can see at this site how the ebb and flow of a matchup has evolved in recent seasons, possibly unearthing trends which can inform the latest reunion of the matchup in a new year. You also can learn a lot about the history of college football at this site. Historical notes can often come in handy and provide a bigger backdrop than other kinds of databases or other resources.

CFB Matrix (at Patreon)

This is the work of Dave Bartoo, who can be found on @CFBMatrix on Twitter. His Patreon site is a place where Dave elaborates on some of his concepts, which he has used to become a consultant to college football programs. Chris Fowler of ESPN has cited Bartoo’s work in some of his tweets and his college football analysis. Bartoo is a highly respected figure in college football circles.

One of the signature concepts Bartoo and CFB Matrix bring to the table is the “coach effect,” or the extent to which a coach either makes a positive or negative difference for his team. Measuring the coach effect depends on home or road games, favorite or underdog, and other details of each gameday situation. Getting a handle on which coaches are likely to win big games, and which ones are more likely to lose them if the talent is relatively even on both sides, is a great thing to achieve as a bettor. Bartoo provides reliable insight into this question, and that’s why his website is so good.


This is a nuts-and-bolts site. You get injury reports, player updates, and generally reliable game-specific information so that you know exactly who is missing, who is healthy, who is returning from an absence, and all other kinds of details which fans might miss if they aren’t following the action very closely. Football involves so many changes and developments in terms of personnel that casual fans – paying attention to quarterbacks, running backs, and wide receivers – might miss a key injury to an interior defensive lineman or a backup left tackle. RotoWorld gets you that information and enables you to be prepared for the next bet that you might have to make. You will get the player-specific updates you need to make an informed choice.

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