The Highest College Football Regular Season Win Totals On The Board For 2020

Clemson's 11.5 is the highest number on the board.

The next college football season involves several heavyweight teams, and at the top of the list are the four ones mentioned below, three of which will very likely be in the College Football Playoff. These are the four teams with the highest over-under win totals on the board, and the reasons are relatively obvious. We will explain.

Clemson Tigers
Regular Season Win Total: 11.5

The Tigers have the best backfield in college football with quarterback Trevor Lawrence and running back Travis Etienne. Other schools might have a better quarterback (Justin Fields of Ohio State) and some schools might have a better running back (Chuba Hubbard of Oklahoma State), but no school will have a better combination of the two. Clemson’s offense didn’t always excel in 2019, but it is going to be extremely hard to stop this coming season. Combine all of Clemson’s strengths with the fact that the ACC has simply not been a strong or deep football conference the past three years. Clemson has destroyed its opponents in each of the last three ACC Championship Games, winning those three games by an average of just over 37 points. Two of the teams Clemson has defeated in its last three ACC championship victories have lost at least five games over the course of a full season, including the bowl game. The ACC simply doesn’t have a strong number two team to challenge Clemson, a direct result of Florida State going through one of its worst stretches in recent years. Florida State might soon rebound, but probably not this next season, as new head coach Mike Norvell tries to get settled. Clemson still has an empty playground to run through. There is no real challenger to the Tigers, which is why it would be surprising if they don’t win 12 games in the regular season.

Alabama Crimson Tide
Regular Season Win Total: 10.5

The Crimson Tide have to play Georgia and LSU, which could easily lead to a loss, but the Tide host Georgia and get an LSU team which has lost over a dozen players to the NFL Draft. LSU is hemorrhaging so much NFL talent this year that the Crimson Tide have to be seen as the favorite when they play in Baton Rouge. The game won’t be easy, but LSU won’t have anything close to the offense it possessed last year. Moreover, LSU lost passing game guru Joe Brady, the man who helped Joe Burrow win the Heisman Trophy. Brady went to join Matt Rhule on the staff of the Carolina Panthers of the NFL. LSU is going through so much change that Alabama should be able to win back the SEC West and win at least 11 games this season.

Georgia Bulldogs
Regular Season Win Total: 10.5

The Bulldogs visit Alabama, which should mean a loss. However, Georgia is better than Florida and every other team in the SEC. The Bulldogs will have no margin for error in trying to get to 11 games, but they will have a very good chance. They have to avoid the kind of stumble they suffered last season at home versus South Carolina. Georgia has to shake off its bad habits if it is going to win 11 or more games in the regular season.

Ohio State Buckeyes
Regular Season Win Total: 10.5

The Buckeyes play at Penn State, but that is their most challenging Big Ten game by far. They have a road game at Oregon which could be challenging, but Oregon loses quarterback Justin Herbert to the NFL this year. Ohio State should beat the Ducks and find a way to win at least 11 regular season games.



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