FootballNFL football is the most popular sports to bet on in North America. Even though there are far less games in football (for each team) than there are in, say, baseball or basketball. However, this league dominates as NFL odds, picks and fantasy dominate the sports world when the league is in full swing. The Super Bowl – the NFL’s championship game – sees nearly $10 billion in bets worldwide!


At WagerStreet, our focus is helping you win money betting on the NFL. There’s a lot more to it than just knowing what the guys on the ESPN debate shows tell you. We want to help NFL bettors get to a place where they can succeed and win on a weekly basis.


NFL Betting


While handicapping the games is one part of it, successfully betting the games is another. Not all sportsbooks are made equal. That’s why we guide players to reliable, reputable sportsbooks that we trust. Also, some offer lower juice, better live betting and more futures and props. You’ll want to deposit at those NFL betting outlets and avoid the ones who skimp on their service.

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