3 Common Mistakes NFL Sharps Make

When someone is referred to as a sharp in the sports betting world, this label comes with high praise – it just seems like the sharp can do no wrong. However, everyone makes mistakes at some point in life and even sharps can’t avoid certain mistakes. More so than making mistakes, it’s important to be able to learn from those mistakes and improve your prospects moving forward rather than just forgetting about these mistakes and continuing to commit them. In this article, we’ll examine the three common mistakes that NFL sharps tend to be prone to making. These three common mistakes may ruin a sound betting strategy or may be career-enders – don’t let yourself fall into the trap of making these mistakes.

Getting Too Comfortable

In life, you never want to get too comfortable. The moment you get too comfortable is the moment you start to lose a grip on things. Just think about the CEO who thinks he’ll have his position forever, and the next moment, some up-and-rising star ousts him with the support of the board. Or, the best player in the league, thinking that everyone else is too far beneath him that he won’t need to train as hard. Next thing he knows, he’s slipped from his throne. In terms of sports betting, getting too comfortable often entails being lazy. Instead of analyzing matchups for every single game on the regular season, you decide to only examine the high-profile games and ignore the others. However, this strategy is clearly not ideal since it’s crucial to gather large amount of data and always keep up-to-date with every team in the league. If you put in work, positive results will follow. If you decide to take shortcuts, they’ll eventually catch up to you.

Getting Too Attached

Everyone wants to think that their sports betting system is by far the best one out there. However, when you start to notice that certain aspects of your sports betting system are failing, it’s time to confront and address these issues, rather than turning a blind eye to them. If you’ve noticed that many of your losses follow a similar pattern or trend, you must get to the root of this problem. It’s very important to be honest with yourself at all times when it comes to sports betting. Never blame the player, coach, or flow of the game. If you always look to only yourself to blame, you’ll always be able to be honest with yourself, and address whatever shortcomings in a decisive and efficient manner. It’s okay to fail, as long as you’re able to decipher what the problem is and fix it moving forward. If you’re constantly in denial, the problem will linger around for too long. By the time you actually decide to do something about it, it might already be too late.

Getting Off-Track With Side Bets

Always focus on one thing at a time, if you can. Often times, people try to multitask and juggle numerous things at once, only to end up failing or performing at a subpar level on all of these tasks. The same analogy can be applied to sports betting. If your strongest area is betting against the spread, focus on this. Don’t get sidetracked and end up spending the majority of your time analyzing player props or the over/under game totals. Identify what you’re really good at, perfect it, and stick with it. Don’t let anything else affect your focus when it comes to this.


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