4 Tips To Betting NFL Preseason

With the NFL 2017 preseason underway, casual and sharp bettors alike will have the opportunity to bet on preseason games in order to ease themselves in to the regular season. While the basics of betting on preseason games is similar to regular season games, any bettor must understand that preseason odds may vary considerably from regular season odds. If a team loses a preseason game, it is no where close to being the end of the world and records mean next to nothing. Preseason games are used for players to ease themselves into the regular season or serve for others as games to prove themselves. With that being said, here are four tips to betting on NFL preseason games.

Key In On Starting Quarterbacks, Depth Charts, and Injuries

While starting quarterbacks tend not to take part in preseason games, second-string backups or talented young quarterbacks are usually the ones getting the call to start these games. As a result, these quarterbacks may be capable of carving up the second- and third-string defenses of the opposing team, which could provide a substantial edge if the potential is there. Additionally, the second-string offensive and defensive lines must also be properly weighted. These lines must be analyzed in order to determine how they will be likely to perform against the opposing lines of the other team. Additionally, injuries must also be factored in since teams with lots of player injuries or players prone to injuries will likely exercise extreme caution in the amount of playing time that these players will receive, resulting in limited action for these key players.

Estimate Playing Time Of Starters

While every team will have a basic game plan for preseason games, the amount of playing time allotted to starters may vary significantly from week to week. In a team’s first preseason game, its starts may only play one or two drives. However, their playing time will likely increase. In the second week, starters may play an entire quarter and in the third week, starters may play an entire half. In the fourth week, teams will almost always rest their key starters in preparation for week 1 of the regular season. Additionally, it would be prudent to listen in on coaches’ press conferences in order to gauge the playing time expectations for key starters.

Levels Of Motivation

Different teams and different players will have varying levels of motivation for each game. There are four different areas of motivation that should be taken into account when trying to gauge the levels of motivation for teams and players:

1. Bad teams from the previous season – Teams that failed to play up to expectations in the previous season may come out during the preseason in order to make a statement regarding their outlook and prospects for the upcoming regular season.
2. Key position battles – When two or more players are competing for a position that will only field one additional player on the roster, these players will likely play with higher levels of motivation in order to exceed expectations and land a spot on the roster, possibly the starting position as well.
3. New head coaches – A new head coach will likely be required to prove himself over the course of his first full season at the helm and what better way to come out firing than to dominate in preseason play.
4. Young teams – While teams comprised of mostly veterans may simply go through the motions during preseason games, teams with lots of young players may be more fired up and take preseason games more seriously, with a greater need to prove themselves.

Team Schedules

Similar to the regular season, the schedules of teams may play a factor in the outcome of games. Depending on the preseason schedule of each team, one team may have the luxury of more preparation time for the upcoming game or another team may have gotten lucky with playing a majority of their games at home, without the need for travel. Additionally, a select few games will be aired on primetime, which may provide some players with extra motivation to come out and perform in nationally televised games.

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