4 Tips To Betting The Super Bowl

With much anticipation for Super Bowl LII, we’ll take you through four tips to betting on the Super Bowl. The Philadelphia Eagles (13-3) are matched up against the New England Patriots (13-3), with Super Bowl LII being played at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. The big story around Super Bowl LII is definitely surrounding Tom Brady, who was recently announced as the NFL MVP, making him the oldest player to receive the MVP award at 40 years of age. Furthermore, Brady is competing for his sixth Super Bowl ring and should he win, he will cement himself as the Greatest Of All Time, without a doubt.

Quarterback Matchup

Since the battle of the quarterback position will have a significant impact on the game, it’s important to analyze this matchup in detail. Nick Foles of the Philadelphia Eagles will go head-to-head against arguably the greatest player and quarterback of all time in Tom Brady of the New England Patriots. While this matchup seems like a huge mismatch, Foles has played extremely well in his three postseason starts, essentially playing a perfect game in the Eagles’ win over the Minnesota Vikings to advance to the Super Bowl. However, it’s tough to take any other quarterback over Brady at this point, no matter how well they’ve been playing. The edge should definitely go to the Patriots in this area, by a pretty sizeable margin as well.

Performances Leading Up To The Super Bowl

Recent performances will likely have more weight on how a team will likely perform in the Super Bowl compared to a team’s performance as a whole over the entire course of the season. Things can change fairly significantly over the course of a season and as a result, looking at how a team has performed in its more recent games will likely be a better indicator of how the team will play in the Super Bowl. In the Eagles’ two postseason wins over the Atlanta Falcons and Minnesota Vikings, the scores were 15-10 and 38-7 respectively. On the other hand, in the Patriots’ two postseason wins over the Tennessee Titans and Jacksonville Jaguars, the scores were 35-14 and 24-20 respectively. However, the Patriots definitely had more momentum heading into the postseason compared to the Eagles, but the momentum of both teams seem to be quite high heading into the Super Bowl.


Although football is played with many players, the injuries of a few particular players may come back to haunt a team in the Super Bowl. Specifically, injuries to the quarterback, running back, and wide receiver positions may end up being a slight handicap for the team. However, in this year’s Super Bowl, it seems that both the Eagles and Patriots will be playing at full strength, which should make for a spectacular game. Although Nick Foles was not the team’s starting quarterback at the beginning of the season, he has clearly blossomed into his own.


The location of the Super Bowl may affect teams in different ways, sometimes positive, other times negative. If played in extreme weather (if the weather is too hot or too cold or snowing), this could significantly affect the performances of players. For examples, if the Super Bowl is played during extremely cold weather with snow, you can bet that there will likely be a lot of turnovers, making for a sloppy game. While this year’s Super Bowl will be played in freezing Minneapolis, luckily, the stadium will have a closed dome, making for ideal conditions for both teams.

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