5 Keys To Betting on The NFL Preseason

While the real action doesn’t begin until September, the NFL preseason begins in August when the professionals look to capitalize on their first taste of pigskin well before the casual fans get back in to the game. Even though the bulk of the betting action won’t heat up until Week 1 of the regular season, there is plenty of money to be made in the four weeks of exhibition football. Here is a look at five keys to betting on the NFL preseason.

Limited Starters

The most important thing to remember about the preseason is that the teams that take the field in August will often look nothing like the teams that take the field in September. The league’s best players play limited snaps if they play any at all. Most of the time the starters are all out of the game by the time the first half ends. If you are going to bet on preseason football, then make sure you do your due diligence ahead of time and figure out who is expected to play and who is expected to sit in every matchup.

Important Position Battles

One of the keys to preseason success is position battles when two capable players are fighting for a starting job at an important spot. For example, if two capable quarterbacks are fighting for a starting job then that team will likely get quality quarterback play for at least two quarters as they compete to prove they deserve a starting job. Their success can be amplified even more if they are playing against backups on the defensive side of the football. Keep an eye out for important position battles in order to identify areas where you could have a betting edge.

Lack Of Scoring

With so many backups and fringe players getting the opportunity to play in preseason, the games aren’t nearly as high scoring as regular season contests. Even after taking that in to consideration, more than 50-percent of the 2017 preseason games stayed Under the totals. It’s important to be aware of the overall lack of scoring when it comes to betting both the point spread and the totals for preseason games.

Know The Coaches

It’s also important to remember that coaches approach preseason games in different ways. While one coach might opt to keep his starters out to avoid risking injuries and give his younger players more opportunity to prove themselves, other coaches want to establish a winning culture early in the year and will rely on their best players to produce during the exhibition slate. If you know which coaches are trying their best to win, you could identify potential winning matchups from a coaching perspective.

Injuries Matter

If a starter is dealing with even the slightest injury, they could be removed from a preseason game entirely in order to avoid risking further injury risk. Most coaches will take their players out at the slightest sign of injury. It’s important to keep that in mind when betting on preseason games. Pay close attention to roster reports leading up to the game and you might find a hole in a betting line that hasn’t been adjusted yet. On top of that, you could watch the games and look for an edge when it comes to betting the in-game lines. While it might not be as entertaining as the regular season, betting on preseason football could be an excellent opportunity to make some serious betting profits before the real action begins.

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