All About Football Betting Systems

You can go online and find a whole slew of football betting systems that have been created by “experts” in the world of sports betting. You should definitely check some of those out, but when it comes right down to it, you have to find, or create, the best NFL football betting system for you, and here are a few tips to do so.

Start Off Slowly

There is a lot to learn when it comes to NFL betting. There are exotic bets, and prop bets, and spreads, and futures, and the list goes on and on. If you are truly just starting out, crawl before you walk. Start with straight bets, probably on the moneyline as spread betting can get much more in-depth. With the moneyline, you are betting on whether a team will win or lose. With the spread, there are margins of victory involved. Again, crawl before you walk, or your sports betting account will not take long to go downhill.

Come Up With A System That Suits Your Bankroll

Which goes straight into the second tip, which is to become familiar with bankroll management. This is staying within your means, not making reckless bets, and knowing when you should put a little more down on a team or player. Bankroll management is something that sinks a lot of players before they even get started, so it would be in your best interest to create an NFL betting system that allows you to wager within your limits, which stretches the game out and makes it a lot more fun.

Learn Where The Best Lines Are

This is something that you will learn as you go along. Every sportsbook is not created equally, so you will not find the same odds on each game, although you will for many of them. You will see and hear a lot of sharp players (those who are really into NFL football betting, likely professionally) talk about shopping around for the best lines, and some sportsbooks will have a reputation for having the best lines. Others, their reputation will not be as good. You might get bitten by a few bad lines as you figure out which sportsbooks to go to and which ones to avoid, and you should take advantage of online reviews, which you can find anywhere on the internet.

Learn When To Buy Points

Buying points is starting to get deep into the world of NFL betting, and you can buy points on the spread for every game, up to 1.5 points at 10 cents a piece. This is the price if the line is not on 3 or 7 points, then it goes up to 25 cents. Then, you have to figure out when you should buy the points, and this combines a little bit with the next tip. Do you have a really good feeling about a high-powered offense playing in a dome? How about a good defense playing in bad weather? You could swing the line more in your favor.

Get To Actually Know The Teams

This might be the most important betting system of all: get to know the teams, their tendencies, how they play on the road against playing at home, etc. You will probably lean more towards a team with a great defensive line, going up against a team that has trouble protecting their quarterback and opening holes to the running back. Are you looking at a team that has a shady kicker? One missed field goal is a 3-point swing in the spread. By doing your research on the teams, you are giving yourself an excellent chance at coming up with an educated pick.

Be A Hybrid

Finally, the best football system usually has multiple systems included in itself. You can absolutely take the best parts, or the parts that make the most sense to you, and integrate it into your betting system, so do not be afraid to “borrow” liberally, especially the players that tend to be the most successful. Hunt around, see what is out there and you will have a system that suits your needs (and bankroll) in no time!

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