College Football Betting: A Teaser Guide

As long as you bet on college football teasers properly, there’s no reason why you can’t profit from them. In this article, we’ll provide an explanation of what a teaser is and provide the reader with some strategies on how to properly bet on teasers and profit off this type of bet.

What Is A Teaser?

A teaser is a bet that include two or more teams (similar to a parlay) where the bettor receives extra points on either the point spread or the game total. Like parlays, each individual wager must win in order for you to win your teaser bet. While the payout may be smaller compared to straight bets or parlays, this is due to the fact that you’re receiving additional points to increase your chances of winning. As a result, your potential payout also gets adjusted accordingly.

Example Of A Teaser

In this section, we’ll provide you with an example of what a teaser will look like. Let’s suppose that the actual lines of two games are the following, without any additional points being tacked on.

Alabama -10.0 vs. Ole Miss +10.0
BYU +13.0 vs. Boise State -13.0

Suppose we’re applying a 7-point teaser and we’d like to pick Alabama and BYU to apply the teasers to. From the example above, this is what the “teased” bets will end up looking like:

Alabama -3.0
BYU +20.0

As you can see, both the point spreads for Alabama and BYU have been adjusted in your favor. Typically, for a two-game teaser, the payout will be -120, which means that you’d have to risk $120 in order to profit $100.

Common Range Of Teasers

The most common range of teasers for college football bets are six, seven, or 10 points. The standard would be two teams for six- and seven-point teasers and three teams for 10-point teasers. Depending on which sportsbook you’re using, you may be able to include up to 15 teams on one teaser. Obviously, playing more teams is enticing. Similar to parlays, your potential payout increases as you add more teams to your teaser.

Best Spreads For Teasers

Unfortunately, not all teasers are created equal, as your success rate can vary based on the actual spread of the game and the direction that you choose to move the line in. Usually, one rule of thumb is that you’d ideally like to cross as many key numbers as possible, with these key numbers being three, four, six, seven, and 10. In the following section of this article, we’ve split the past records of teams into six-point, seven-point, and 10-point teasers, along with top five respective point spreads that have yielded the best winning percentages. For these scenarios, you’re likely to be able to simply bet on these blindly and still make a profit.

Six-Point Teasers (Top Five Scenarios)

1. Spread of -13.0 as a home underdog
2. Spread of -1.5 as an away underdog
3. Spread of -6.5 as an away favorite
4. Spread of -4.5 as an away favorite
5. Spread of -12.5 as an away favorite

Seven-Point Teasers (Top Five Scenarios)

1. Spread of -0.5 as an away favorite
2. Spread of -13.0 as a home underdog
3. Spread of -0.5 as an away underdog
4. Spread of -12.5 as an away favorite
5. Spread of -11.0 as an away favorite

10-Point Teasers (Top Five Scenarios)

1. Spread of -4.5 as an away favorite (by far the best teaser option)

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