How NFL Fantasy Can Help NFL Bettors

If betting on an NFL team in a game can be viewed as macroeconomics, playing NFL fantasy should be seen as microeconomics. Due to the fact that the two are so related, having experience in one can really be beneficial when it comes to the other. As a result, when an individual has started out playing in NFL fantasy pools and wishes to learn and tap into NFL betting, having knowledge of fantasy football can help tremendously. Here is how NFL fantasy can help NFL bettors as well.

Understand Player Values

When researching about individual NFL players for fantasy pools, one is required to put in the time and effort to learn more about players and matchups in order to try and buy players at bargain prices. From studying individual players in order to derive a range of potential market values for a player, one is able to gain a feel for comparing a player’s worth to what the market thinks the player should be worth. In a sense, this concept can be applied to a team setting as well – when the market believes that a team has a certain probability of winning and whether you think the market is correct in its beliefs.

Player News

When playing in NFL fantasy leagues, the players, rather than the team, are of utmost importance. As a result, it would be extremely prudent to stay updated on any player news that could potentially affect a player’s future performance or playing status. Additionally, keeping up-to-date with player news can also indicate whether a player has been performing well as of late or performing under expectations. This applies to NFL betting due to the fact that the foundation for analyzing NFL matchups to bet on is based on individual players that make up a team. By following player news closely, one is able to derive a sense for the strength of a team based solely on the news of its players.

Understanding Matchups

For weekly fantasy leagues, specific player matchups must be analyzed. If a player has been on a hot streak as of late, this fact may not matter much if his primary defender is someone who has had a past history extraordinary success in one-on-one defensive matchups against him. By gaining an understanding of how players will fare in different matchups, one is also able to get a better feel for the direction that games will likely go towards. Since lopsided matchups sometimes end up being the deciding factor for games, understanding player matchups may greatly assist an individual in betting on NFL games.

General Understanding and Following

By being engaged in NFL fantasy leagues, one is not only able to keep track of the performance of individual players but is also able to gain a better general understanding and following of the NFL. When browsing on fantasy sites, the curious reader will likely scan for general NFL articles to read on – articles that may not relate specifically to fantasy. As a result, the individual is able to gain more exposure on what is happening around the league on a high level. Additionally, by reading general news on the NFL, one is also able to obtain a keen following of the NFL. When it comes time to bet on the NFL, this accumulated information and knowledge can come in handy when transitioning from NFL fantasy to NFL betting.

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