How To Bet NFL Futures

A futures bet is defined as a wager where the outcome will not be decided until the distant future. Bettors are able to derive a lot of entertainment from this type of bet since their futures bet can remain active for months. When betting on NFL futures, the most common bet is which team will win the upcoming season’s Super Bowl. Some other futures bets include teams’ over/under win totals, division winners, Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award, Offensive Player of the Year Award, Defensive Player of the Year Award, and Coach of the Year Award. Now that we have an idea of what a futures bet is and the types of NFL futures bets, let’s take a look at how to bet NFL futures.

Track Momentum

At times, how a team finishes off the season may provide a decent indication of how that particular team will perform the following year, assuming the makeup of the team remains relatively similar. If a team has a very strong finish to the year regardless of whether they make the playoffs or win the Super Bowl, it may provide members of the team with something to look forward to for next season, propelling them to train harder during the offseason. On the other hand, if a team finishes off the season very poorly and on a very low note, this uninspiring feeling may carry itself with team members during the offseason and demotivate them to work harder and look forward to a new season. However, a team’s momentum to finish off the season should be taken with a grain of salt since circumstances and situations may change drastically from one year to the next.

Monitor Free Agency

During the offseason, the contracts of many players will be up for renewal, leading them to becoming free agents on the open market. Teams have the opportunity to pursue these free agents. When a team makes one or more splashy free agent signings, the prospects of that team will generally trend towards the positive side for the upcoming season. On the other hand, when a team loses one or more star players during free agency to another team, especially a divisional rival, the team’s outlook for the upcoming season becomes clouded with doubt and uncertainty. The signing or departure of big name free agents may result in a few additional wins or losses, depending on which end of the stick a team falls under. Additionally, this could also mean the difference between winning the Super Bowl and coming up just short.
NFL Draft

Another factor to look out for when betting NFL futures is the NFL draft. The draft provides a compelling way for teams to select young prospects with high potential and sign them to a cheap contract. On several occasions, the future “face of the franchise” was selected in the draft by their respective team. The NFL draft provides teams with promise for the near future, or, if the draftee is highly touted, a promise to make an immediate impact in the upcoming season.

Preseason Performance

Although many superstar plays opt not to participate in preseason games, these games nonetheless provide bettors with a way to assess the overall depth of a team. If a team has struggled mightily during the preseason, the team may not be able to sustain its usual performance should the injury bug latch on to multiple key players. On the other hand, if a team has dominated during the preseason, the team may be able to weather several player injuries and still perform at or near its peak level.

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