NFL Betting: How Reliable Are FOX Sports NFL Picks?

The massive audience and coverage of FOX Sports allows them to reach viewers and sports bettors nationwide, resulting in highly anticipated and talked about picks from FOX Sports analysts. Not surprisingly, many people depend on FOX Sports for their NFL betting picks. The FOX Sports NFL staff consists of Chris Chase, Andrew Lynch, Dieter Kurtenbach, Brett Smiley, John Halpin, Ryan Fowler, DJ Foster, Peter Schrader, and WhatIfSports – FOX Sports’ NFL predictions generator, which works by generating 501 simulations of each game to derive an average scoring and winning percentage. However, should you really depend on FOX Sports for your NFL picks? How dependable is this medium? How does the performance of FOX Sports compare to other mediums? Let’s take a look in this article.

Performance of FOX Sports Personnel

For the 2016-2017 NFL season, the picks of the aforementioned FOX Sports personnel were tracked, with profits simulated based on a wager of $100 per bet. Here are the results.

Chris Chase: Straight Up – 57% win rate | +$2,532
Andrew Lynch: Straight Up – 67% win rate | +$6,997; Spread – 53% win rate | +$2,489
Dieter Kartenbach: Straight Up – 63% win rate | +$5,206
Brett Smiley: Straight Up – 63% win rate | +$5,588
John Halpin: Straight Up – 63% win rate | +$5,351
Ryan Fowler: Straight Up – 61% win rate | +$4,305
DJ Foster: Straight Up – 59% win rate | +$2,948
Peter Schrader: Straight Up – 58% win rate |+$2,677
WhatIfSports: Straight Up – 63% win rate | +$5,397

From the results above, Andrew Lynch possessed the best winning percentage, which logically translates into the most profits as well.

Relative Performance Against Other NFL Pundits

In order to truly assess the performance of FOX Sports NFL picks, we must assess the performance of their personnel against other mediums. Here’s how they ranked out of 100+ individuals.

#8 – Andrew Lynch
#42 – Brett Smiley
#50 – WhatIfSports
#57 – John Halpin
#59 – Dieter Kartenbach
#82 – Ryan Fowler
#84 – DJ Foster
#101 – Peter Schrader
#102 – Chris Chase
From the results, it makes sense to follow Andrew Lynch, Brett Smiley, and WhatIfSports, if you’re adamant on following FOX Sports for your NFL betting picks. However, it might be wise to take the picks of the other individuals with a bit of caution. Additionally, it is clear that FOX Sports does not offer the best picks since only one of their personnel ranked in the top 10, with the second-highest only ranked number 42, not even cracking the top 40!

Additionally, FOX Sports also doesn’t dabble in spreads, with the exception of Andrew Lynch. While it’s much easier to achieve a winning percentage of 60% or higher in straight up games since a lot of the games that you’ll be betting on will likely be favorites, it’s a lot tougher to break the 60% win rate mark when betting against the spread, which is probably why only one person at FOX Sports actually does this – not even WhatIfSports.

While you shouldn’t rule out FOX Sports just because the accuracy of their picks aren’t the best, you should still utilize them as a resources, perhaps gathering information and taking a look at the perspectives of their personnel, in order to assist yourself in making a decision of your own. It never hurts to get the viewpoint from multiple angels – just don’t overcommit on any one in particular, unless they’re clearly the best.

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