NFL Betting: How To Take Advantage Of Live And Halftime Betting

Football is an incredibly unpredictable sport at times. It only makes sense that those that bet on football will benefit from having more control. Live and halftime betting allows those that bet on the game to have a greater amount of control because they can adjust their wagers based on what they are seeing in the actual games. Here is a look at how to take advantage of live and halftime betting.

Halftime & Live Betting Explained

While a decade ago it was hard to find a sportsbook that offered live and halftime betting, the majority of sportsbooks now offer it to their members. That means you can bet on each game at nearly every break including at halftime with point spread, money line and total wagers available. For example, the New England Patriots are hosting the Buffalo Bills as a -9.5-point favorite heading in to the game. The Patriots go up by 17 points, so what do you do now? The Patriots at that point might not even be an in-game favorite, and the overall line at halftime might have moved to Patriots -19.5. At this point, is it worth betting on New England to cover the 20 points or do you think the Bills are more likely to cut in to that deficit the rest of the way and cover as 20-point underdogs? If you took New England at the original -9.5, you could decide to take Buffalo at +20 and hedge your bet. If you take this approach, then as long as the winning margin is New England between 10 and 20 you will win two wagers instead of one while guaranteeing you can’t lose money. Halftime and live betting allows those betting to pick their spots and figure out what the best point in time is to place their wagers.

Halftime & Live Betting Strategy

It makes sense to follow the game closely and adjust your wagers based on how you think the rest of the game will play out. It’s important to consider how the teams are playing, how the game plans are working out and if there are any injuries or in-game adjustments that will have a major impact on the game. Does the current score accurately reflect the game? Does either team have significant momentum at any given point in time? Is the weather impacting the game? Or will a change in the weather have an impact in the game? These are all important questions to ask when it comes to both halftime and live betting on football.


There is no guarantee that if you bet on a game live or at halftime you are going to win, but in theory you should have a better idea of what to expect while the game is actually being played rather than before it starts. Halftime and live betting is an excellent tool for hedging bets, but it’s also an excellent tool for simply placing wagers regardless of whether you already have money on the line or not. The best handicappers have taken the time to understand how live and halftime betting work and they have taken advantage of it to improve their profit margins. Take the time to figure out the best approach to betting on the NFL live and at halftime and you could end up being rewarded with some substantial profits.

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