NFL Betting: The Keys To Betting Regular Season Win Totals

NFL season win totals have become that much more popular in recent years with more and more fans risking their money on the idea that a given team will finish with more or less wins than the number of the line established by a particular sportsbook. While more and more experienced handicappers try out the season line totals, the more casual fans tend to avoid season lines even though they could be in line to make some serious money if they decide to bet on them. Here is a look at the keys to NFL betting and regular season win totals.

Deciding Whether To Bet On Season Win Totals

Betting on season win totals might seem easy on the surface but it isn’t simple. First of all, these types of wagers tie up a portion of your bankroll for an entire season so you need the capital to invest long-term in the first place. Second, in order to find value you have to place the wager before a lot of people put their bets in order to capitalize on potential mistakes in the initial lines. Finally, you have to understand that a lot can happen over the course of the season and teams often have a very different outlook at the end of the year in comparison with the beginning of the season. If you understand these concepts and feel you can understand them then you might decide that season win totals are for you.

Keys To Profitable Season Win Totals

The basic concepts of NFL betting regular season win totals are very simple but you need to understand how to effectively attack the lines to find value. While the New England Patriots might be the best team in the NFL, it might not be worth betting their season win total if it is listed at 13 wins. The Patriots consistently finish around that mark but it will be very difficult for them to top it and it isn’t like you are going to bet on them staying under it. A better example for a team with value might be the Dallas Cowboys. Dallas overachieved last season when they registered 13 wins but they aren’t as likely to hit that mark once again this season. Therefore, it makes sense to bet against them and take the under if their season win total line is high enough. The keys to profitable season win totals betting is to find value, make sure you bet against the grain and make sure you are smart with your money. It’s also important to consider the individual schedules. Team A with the weakest schedule in the NFL is much more likely to benefit from their slate with a higher win total than Team B if the latter has the most difficult schedule in the NFL.


There are several keys to betting on season win totals including starting early, considering schedules and assessing team depth. One more important element is to make sure you do not risk more than you should on any particular season win total bet. If betting on NFL season win totals seems like something that suits you then start off slow by betting smaller amounts of money in the beginning to make sure you feel more comfortable with these types of wagers and can get on the right track.

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