NFL Betting: Top 5 Super Bowl Upsets

While the Super Bowl has produced some of the most memorable championship wins, it has also resulted in some of the most brutal upsets. In this article, we’ll list the top five Super Bowl upsets – hopefully you were on the right side of the bet for these upsets.

No. 5 – Super Bowl XXXII: Broncos Defeat Packers

As double-digit favorites, the Green Bay Packers were heavily favored to beat out the Denver Broncos and claim the Super Bowl Championship. With All-Pro and future Hall-of-Famer Brett Favre, this was supposed to be the year that the Packers claimed their third Super Bowl. Although this was a close game, a win for the Packers just wasn’t meant to be, with the Broncos taking the game 31-24. The Broncos entered the NFL playoffs as a wild-card team, only to make it all the way to the Super Bowl and snatch the championship from the Packers. While the Broncos did have John Elway at the quarterback position, it was running-back Terrell Davis who stole the show, winning Super Bowl MVP honors behind a 157-yard rushing performance. On the bright side, the Packers returned to the Super Bowl the following year, this time coming out with a win.

No. 4 – Super Bowl XXVI: Patriots Defeat Rams

Back then, the New England Patriots were not anything of a hot commodity and entered this Super Bowl matchup against the St. Louis Rams as 14-point underdogs (two touchdowns). At that time, the Rams were referred to as the “Greatest Show on Turf”. Entering the Super Bowl, the Rams defeated their opponents by an average of nearly 14 points per game, which was why the spread made a lot of sense at the time. However, the Rams ended up faltering, as Adam Vinatieri kicked in a 48-yard field goal to win the championship for the Patriots.

No. 3 – Super Bowl XXV: Giants Defeat Bills

Although the Buffalo Bills were only seven-point favorites heading into Super Bowl XXV, no one was really giving the New York Giants a chance of winning this game as Jim Kelly and the Bills’ offense seemed unstoppable and destined to trample over the Giants. Although the game was quite close as the Bills’ offense was exactly firing on all cylinders, things were still looking good for the Bills to win the game until Scott Norwood missed a game-winning field goal in the final seconds – ouch.

No. 2 – Super Bowl XLII: Giants Defeat Patriots

This is an upset that I’ll probably remember for the rest of my life. The New England Patriots finished the 2007 season with a perfect 16-0 regular season record and seemed destined to become the first team in NFL history to finish a season with a perfect record of 19-0. The New York Giants found themselves as 14-point underdogs heading into this matchup, but everyone seemed to have forgotten that the Giants were on an improbable run throughout the playoffs. While the Patriots were in the driver’s seat to win the game, an amazing catch by David Tyree on the Giants’ game winning drive provided the only stain to the Patriots’ record.

No. 1 – Super Bowl III: Jets Defeat Colts (Baltimore)

Finally, we’ve reached what we believe has been the biggest upset in Super Bowl history. Way back, during the third-ever Super Bowl, Joe Namath’s New York Jets were matched up against the Baltimore Colts as 18-point underdogs. By kickoff, the Jets were 20-point underdogs. However, the disrespectful point spread didn’t stop Namath from guaranteeing a Jets victory and delivering a 16-7 win. To date, the Jets’ Super Bowl III win still represents their lone championship.

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