NFL Betting: What To Look For When Picking An Over

When it comes to sports in general, the entertainment value of watching sporting events usually derives from the ability of both teams to generate scoring, whether it be in the form of baskets, goals, runs, or touchdowns. Fans can always appreciate a high-scoring game as it provides back-and-forth action and suspense for the audience. When it comes to betting on the over for game totals, it is the best feeling when the game is still a ways to go before finishing and the over for the game total has already been shattered. This is a key perk when it comes to betting on the over for game totals. Unlike betting on the under for game totals where you must wait for the game to finish before you can safely breathe a sigh of relief, winning the over for game totals is entirely possible even when the game is not even close to being completed. If you are an avid fan of betting on the over for game totals, here are some key indicators for an NFL game to go over.


In some matchups over the course of a season, two teams playing each other may have had the luxury of enjoying a comfortable stretch of very limited travel. Both teams are heading into the matchup having been well-rested in the friendly confines of their home cities while rarely having to travel long distances for road games. Lots of travel an often result in unexpected wear-and-tear on the bodies of athletes, leading them to perform at less than optimal standards. On the other hand, limited travel can assist in keeping these athletes fresh for when they do have to perform. When both teams in a matchup have been well-rested and had the luck of little to no travel over the past few weeks, you can bet that these teams will come out in a hurry, putting up numbers across the scoreboard.

Favourable Matchups

When it comes to betting on the over for game totals, favourable matchups in this sense usually take the form of favourable offensive matchups. If two teams are playing in a specific matchup, the first team, with a strong running game, may be pegged against the second team, who has particularly weak defensive stoppers for another team’s running game. On the other hand, the second team, who loves to throw the football and excels in this aspect, is up against the first team, who more often than not finds themselves struggling to contain wide receivers on the opposing team. The combination of the offenses of both teams being able to dominate will play a significant role in helping push the game totals over the set line.


Certain conditions can be especially ideal for a football game to be played in – warm, but not hot, weather, a lack of winds, and clouds covering the sun from shining into the eyes of players. While bad weather conditions may result in low-scoring affairs, excellent weather can really provide the players on both teams with that extra boost of energy, knowing that their abilities on the football field will not be hindered by a bout of bad weather. Quarterbacks are able to gain a firm grip on footballs and release them cleanly, running backs are able to securely plant their feet on each and every run, and receivers are able to make clean cuts and secure footballs thrown at them with the proper grip required. All of these factors tend to result in more efficient offenses, which tend to push the game totals to the over side.

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