NFL Football Betting: Super Bowl 53 Prop Bets

The NFL football season is down to its final act, the Super Bowl in Atlanta between the AFC champion New England Patriots and the NFC champion Los Angeles Rams. The Super Bowl is always fun because of its situationally unique prop bets. There are so many to choose from. Here are four of the more interesting selections on offer this weekend:

Will Any Scoring Drive Last Shorter Than The Time It Takes For Gladys Knight To Sing The National Anthem?

Odds: Yes -110, No -130

This is a game in which big plays figure to occur once every 10 to 15 plays. These offenses have been ahead of the curve for much of the NFL season. Most drives will probably take three or four minutes, but all it takes is one busted coverage or one brilliant play design to spring somebody loose for a 60-yard touchdown. Also, one mistake could lead to a drive start deep in the opponent’s territory. If this Super Bowl had matched the Chicago Bears and the Los Angeles Chargers or Baltimore Ravens, you would never think that a scoring drive might last only one minute, but in this matchup, it makes all the sense in the world to bet that a scoring drive will last a short period of time – it takes only one short drive to win this bet. It’s a good play.

Pick: Yes

How Many Times Will The CBS Game Broadcast Mention Sean McVay’s Age?

Over 1.5 -175, Under 1.5 +135

The habit of television broadcasts on a stage as big as the Super Bowl is to repeat narratives until you are blue in the face. This is what television does. You know that McVay’s age will be mentioned at least once, early in the broadcast. That leaves roughly three and a half hours for just one additional mention of McVay’s age. Knowing everything we know about how television works, do you really think CBS will avoid mentioning McVay’s age a second time? The upset would be if it did. The smart money says McVay’s age will be mentioned at least a second time. If the over-under was 2.5, that might be a different story, but at 1.5, the over is the better play.

Pick: Over

Rams Or Patriots Will Have The Longest Made Field Goal

Greg Zuerlein and Stephen Gostkowski are both excellent kickers, and in a domed environment, they will both get chances to kick long field goals. It is ultimately impossible to ignore the fact that Zuerlein hit a 57-yard field goal to win the NFC Championship Game for the Rams. If the Rams get stopped around the New England 39- or 40-yard line, you know that if the scoreboard situation makes any remote degree of sense, McVay will allow Zuerlein, nicknamed “Legatron,” to try for three points. Gostkowski could hit a 52-yarder, but Zuerlein is the kicker much more likely to make a kick over 55 yards on Sunday, and for that reason, he is the better choice.

Pick: Rams -115

Over-Under For Tom Brady Interceptions Thrown: 0.5

Brady struggled in Super Bowl LI against the Atlanta Falcons before leading his comeback, but the icon was excellent last year against the Philadelphia Eagles. His defense let him down. The memory of falling short against the Eagles a year ago will motivate Brady, who is back in the big game yet again and has some unfinished business to take care of. Expect a focused performance from Brady, which means no interceptions.

Pick: Under

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