The Wackiest Super Bowl 50 Props To Bet On

The Super Bowl is like the Oscars of the sports world where people from all walks of life gather round the television to watch not only the game but the hysteria that surrounds the event. For many fans watching their favorite team is a weekly ritual but for others the only football game they’ll take in all season is the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl isn’t just football it’s over the top halftime performances with fireworks, multi-million dollar advertising spots, wardrobe malfunctions and an excuse to get together with friends and family to drink brews and eat very unhealthy food. Simply put the Super Bowl is excess at its finest, a celebration of the American culture of over indulgence. It’s also one of the most heavily wagered sporting events in the world and it’s the only football game all season that gives bettors the opportunity to bet on some downright hilarious propositions. From national anthem props, to which color the Gatorade shower will be we’ve seen it all. Let’s take a look at four of Super Bowl 50’s wackiest betting propositions.

Peyton Manning O/U Omaha Calls 7.5: Other than Philip River face and a few other NFL player oddities, Peyton Manning’s penchant for saying Omaha has got to be one of the more amusing traits of any NFL quarterback. Going into the Super Bowl game versus Seattle two years ago the over, under on how many time Manning would say Omaha was set at 27.5 which is insane. At first glance Manning comes off as being the biggest degenerate gambler of all time a man so obsessed with Omaha he has to say it every time he’s at the line of scrimmage but that’s just Peyton Manning one Papa John pizza short of a full meal. Peyton has toned down the Omaha a little bit but against one of the NFL’s best defenses you can bet Manning will be Omahaing his butt off while trying to keep the Panthers defense off balance.

Odds On Peyton Manning’s Future: Peyton Manning is one of the most loved and over enamored football players in the history of the NFL. Guys like Jim Nance and Phil Simms can’t get enough of Manning and salivate over his very existence. If Manning throws three completions and wins the game best believe the Broncos defense is getting no credit. Because of the world’s universal love affair with the ground that Manning walks on, it’s safe to say that when his football career is over (which is likely after the Panthers defense turns him into a skid mark), there will be plenty of career opportunities for Mr. Manning. The safe bet for this betting proposition is Manning becoming a broadcaster/TV analyst at 3 to1 odds but the proposition of betting Peyton and Eli to record a rap album is too much to resist at 120 to 1 and is worth a sprinkle if not just for comedy purposes.

Odds For What Team Manning Will Play On Next Season (If Any): On the surface this betting proposition seems a little dull right? Wrong. Sure the easy money is with Peyton Manning rejoining the Broncos if he were to join any team at 1 to 6 odds. What makes this betting proposition wacky is the thought of Peyton Manning playing for the Toronto Argonauts. At 100 to 1 the value is there even though Manning joining the CFL is a near impossibility. I laugh my ass off when I think about Manning in the CFL, not only because he’d be backing up Ricky Ray but because Jim Nance would have a heart attack. This is a sad day Jim the great Peyton Manning yelling Omaha in the CFL. Truth be told the CFL would have no place for Manning’s noodle arm but for those who like to bet chalk and want to lay down big cash, Denver’s the only team he would ever rejoin at this stage.

Number Of Towels On Cam Newton’s Body At Once O/U 2.5: People love to find any reason to hate Cam Newton and his supposedly cocky ways, and for the Cam Newton haters out there this is the perfect betting proposition. Cam Newton is definitely not your average quarterback both skill wise and fashion wise. Newton often likes to take on his Superman persona especially when he’s jumping over huge lineman and stretching out for a touchdown. When he’s on the sideline however he prefers the classic Lawrence of Arabia look draped with a Gatorade towel over his head. Newton doesn’t stop there though he often uses more than one towel on his head and sometimes has a towel draped on his waistline. For degenerate gamblers who want a reason to focus on something other than the game this is a good betting proposition, will the warm weather in San Francisco affect Cam Newton’s towel usage?

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